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Chapter 474

Rimitto!! Suupaa Saiyajin Surii

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #28
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 40
Kanzenban: 32


Piccolo tries to figure out what Gokuu said, while Babidi thinks it's just nonsense. Gokuu thinks Trunks's ki has stopped moving, and hopes he hurries up. Trunks is sitting mid-air watching the events between Gokuu and Babidi, so Gokuu yells out to hurry up and get the Radar. Babidi wonders who he was talking to, and figures he has some sort of futile plan. Gokuu thinks he'll just have to buy more time, and then returns to normal. Buu thinks he's given up. "That's not it. I'm gonna explain about Super Saiyan so you guys understand." Babidi says that's dumb, they don't want to know. "Don't say that. First, I guess this is my normal state." He transforms. "This is Super Saiyan." He transforms again, to the spikier lightning level. "And this is what you saw before. Super Saiyan that surpasses Super Saiyan. Super Saiyan Two, you could say."

Babidi thinks these transformations are meaningless. "And..." Kuririn thinks Gokuu's bluffing. "This... Surpasses even that..." Gokuu starts transforming, this one not being an immediate change. Kaiou-sama wants him to stop, or else his remaining time will... Babidi and Buu are shocked, as Piccolo says his ki is rising rapidly. Even Tenshinhan says the Earth is shaking, way off in the mountains somewhere with Chaozu, and he wonders what Son's up to. BOOM. Transformation complete. Gokuu's hair is much longer, there's a lot more lightning, and he's lost his eyebrows (very neanderthal-looking).

"...This is Super Saiyan 3. Sorry it took so much time. I'm still not used to this form." Everyone is amazed, and even Gohan stops his Z Sword training to wonder if that's Dad's ki. Kaioushin-sama says it really is Son Gokuu-san, and Kibito can't believe they'd feel his power all the way here in this sacred land. Gohan wonders what the hell is going on. Back on Earth, Buu says Gokuu's face has gotten scary, but Buu's not scared at all. Babidi thinks this is nothing much, and tells Buu to beat him up, as the entire Earth watches. Gokuu flies forward, grabs Buu's forelock, and then punches Buu a few times with his free hand. Gokuu then swings Buu around by his forelock, letting him go so that Buu crashes in the ocean.

Buu flies out of the water, and lets off a volley of blasts at Gokuu. Gokuu manages to swat them all away, thinking Buu was hardly damaged, and Buu just used one of Vegeta's techniques, meaning he can pick up his opponent's techniques just from fighting for a little while. Buu stretches his arm out to punch Gokuu in the face from a distance, but Gokuu is barely damaged, either. Kaiou-sama wants Gokuu to stop, because using that abnormal power will greatly reduce his time on Earth, and then there's be no one to teach Fusion to the chibis.








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