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Chapter 475

Mie Hajimeta Majin Buu no Shinka

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #29
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 40
Kanzenban: 32


Gokuu and Buu each trade a punch, and then Gokuu fires off a huge Kamehameha that shoots straight through Buu's stomach. But, Buu heals up, and counters with his own Kamehameha. Gokuu manages to swat Buu's Kamehameha back towards Buu, and then Buu swats it off to the side. It nearly hits Babidi, and blows up the landscape. Even God's Palace trembles from the explosion. Babidi yells at Buu to be careful, and then tells Gokuu he's not much of a 'friend of justice', since that blast just destroyed about a tenth of the Earth. Gokuu compliments Buu, saying he's surprisingly gifted in his ability to instantly make his opponent's technique into his own. Buu laughs and grows his nose out like Pinocchio (actually, Buu never had a nose to begin with...), as Gokuu notices that Trunks's ki is speeding up, meaning he's found the Dragon Radar and is leaving West City.

Gokuu drops his Super Saiyan 3 state, and Buu asks why (he had fun fighting Gokuu). Gokuu says it's been an honor, but he has no time to play. Babidi says he won't get away alive. Gokuu asks Babidi to wait three, no, two days, and then those three will appear, but don't kill anyone in those two days. Buu is intrigued, wondering if they're strong, but Babidi says no way. Gokuu had figured Buu might like a fun fight, and says he'll make sure Babidi gets a suitable punishment when he goes to hell. Gokuu then teleports away, and Babidi wonders why he'd even come here. Then Babidi yells at Buu that he got away, because Buu's too slow. He tells Buu to go look for him, but Buu ignores him and starts to get angry.

Buu then turns around, grinning, saying he's realized something good. Babidi doubts that, since Buu is so stupid, and wants him to hurry up and say. Buu leans in, and then grabs Babidi by the neck, choking him. If Babidi can't talk, he can't recite the spell to seal Buu away. Buu says he doesn't need him anymore, and then calls Babidi stupid before punching his head off.








  1. Incomplete
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