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Chapter 484

Ikari no Umidashita Mono

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #39
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 40
Kanzenban: 32


The cohort wonders why the hero Mister Satan would be with Majin Buu, but the sniper says it doesn't matter; they'll just kill him and be the new heroes. Satan spots them atop a cliff, but the sniper then fires a rocket at the house. Satan manages to get away, and they celebrate their victory. But when the smoke clears, Buu is unscathed, and very pissed. The sniper prepares to fire again, but suddenly, the cohort is knocked out. Satan is also very pissed, and next beats the hell out of the sniper. Buu calms down, since the bad guys are taken care of, and Satan heads back towards the remains of the house. Satan notices that the puppy is still alive, and Buu quickly rushes over to heal him. Now they're all happy again.

Dende and Piccolo are watching the entire thing, and Piccolo wonders why that windbag is with Majin Buu. Dende seems hopeful that they may not even have to fight, but Piccolo says Buu is still dangerous. Suddenly, the sniper gets back to his feet, and shoots Satan with a gun from his back pocket. The sniper then runs off, and Buu puts down the puppy and heals Satan. Buu is very angry, and lots of steam is shooting from his head. Satan thanks Buu, but Buu weakly tells him to run far away with the puppy, or they'll die. Satan doesn't understand, so Buu yells to just hurry. Satan runs off with the puppy, as Buu's steam forms into a cloud. The cloud then begins to take shape, and everyone worries.








  1. Incomplete
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