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Chapter 485

ふたりの魔人ブウ… そして…
Futari no Majin Buu... Soshite...

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #40
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 40
Kanzenban: 32


Everyone watches as a very thin Majin Buu appears. "The evil portion of Majin Buu's strong anger that he held within swelled up greatly, and came out as another Majin Buu... In short, they've split into a pure evil Majin Buu and an innocent Majin Buu..." The evil thin Buu flies over to the sniper and blasts him away, leaving a large crater. Then he runs over to the nicer fat Buu, and the two exchange a few punches. The thin Buu kicks him and sends him flying, and beats on the fat one. "The original Majin Buu had no chance of victory... When they split, the majority of the power went to the evil one." The good Buu tries to turn the bad one into chocolate, but it's countered, and so the good Buu is turned into chocolate. The bad one eats the chocolate, and then starts to transform. When the smoke clears, we're left with a lean, muscular Majin Buu. Satan wonders what's going on, as Buu stretches, yawns, and then SCREAMS. Piccolo can't believe it.








  1. Incomplete
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