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Chapter 488

トランクスと悟天 精神と時の部屋に入る
Torankusu to Goten Seishin to Toki no Heya ni Hairu

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #43
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 41
Kanzenban: 33


Kaioushin-sama says that everyone on Earth has been killed now. Gokuu can't believe that, and wonders if the whole Earth was destroyed. Kaioushin-sama says the Earth is mostly undamaged, but doesn't know what happened. Gohan can't hear them, and is getting annoyed, asking if this isn't over yet. Old Kaioushin-sama (still reading manga) says no, because Gohan has amazing latent abilities. Gohan stands up and angrily tells him to get his act together, unleashing quite a bit of power in the process. Gohan prepares to lecture him more, but suddenly stops and wonders if this "boiling up power" is really him. Old Kaioushin-sama says to sit down, and Gohan nervously apologizes. Gokuu thinks he's not just a dirty old man after all, and wonders just how much power Gohan has hidden.

Buu is watching the hour glass, as the boys realize he's changed a lot. Piccolo says he's changed in every way, not just form. He tells them to hurry and get into the Room of Spirit and Time; in one minute out here, you can get six hours worth of training in there. Suddenly, Chichi walks out towards Buu, smacks him, and yells at him for killing Gohan-chan. "Become an egg." Buu turns her into an egg, steps on her, and then watches the sand some more. Goten starts to get pissed, but Piccolo yells at him to stay put, because she can be returned to life with the Dragon Balls if they defeat Majin Buu, etc. Thus, they need to train in the remaining time. Trunks excitedly tells Goten they should train and beat up Majin Buu.

Inside the Room of Spirit and Time, Trunks complains about the bad food and water in here, until Goten starts training in the white space, so Trunks runs out to train too. Some time passes. Piccolo is silently watching Buu watch the sand. Videl comes up to Piccolo and asks how Majin Buu knows her father. "It's simple. Mister Satan is the only human to ever let his guard down around Majin Buu. When we were trying to do something with power, Mister Satan, whatever his intentions were, chose to become friends with Majin Buu. As evidence of that, even when every Earthling was killed, Mister Satan was the only person he didn't kill. Even when he had been changed into a destructive monster like that, those memories still remained. His power can't compare to ours, but your father really is the pride-filled world champion."

Buu is getting irritated, and suddenly screams that he won't wait anymore. He destroys the hourglass, and Piccolo tries to tell him that it hasn't even been thirty minutes yet. Buu then shoots a hole in the floor, and it goes straight through the palace out into the sky. Buu yells to bring him out, and Piccolo finally relents. Piccolo slowly walks Buu to them, making Kuririn realizes Piccolo probably intends to let Majin Buu fight the boys in the Room of Spirit and Time.








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