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Chapter 489

Gotenkusu ni Jishin Ari!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #44
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 41
Kanzenban: 33


Kuririn wonders why they'd be fighting in there. Dende explains that even if Trunks-san and Goten-san lose, Piccolo could destroy the door, trapping them in that world, because it's in a different dimension. Trunks and Goten die can even be brought back by the Dragon Balls. Kamesennin compliments Piccolo's thinkings, as Yamcha wonders why Piccolo's leading Buu around in circles. Kuririn says probably to buy time, as one minute out here is six hours in there. Buu is getting impatient, but Piccolo says his opponent is at the very bottom of this place. Buu protests that they were just going up.

Trunks and Goten are both very tired, and talk about how they've "rised over" Super Saiyan. But it's weakness is time. They can only stay like that for five minutes, and then Fusion runs out. Goten thinks they can easily beat him up in five minutes, but Trunks says that's no fun. Trunks has a better idea: First, they'll fight in their normal state, and then drag the fight out. And then they'll become 'Ultra Super Saiyan' for the remaining five minutes, and easily beat up Buu. That'll be cool, and they'll get revenge for Papa, Gohan-san, and Goten's mama. Suddenly, Piccolo speaks to them telepathically, talking directly to their hearts.

Piccolo says the schedule for their fight with Majin Buu has changed, and Buu is on his way right now. Goten freaks out and says they've just ended a Fusion. Piccolo says it's okay, because he's leading Buu around and buying time. So, there should be plenty of time, but for now, they should rest their bodies. It'll probably be another minute before they reach the door, which gives the boys six hours in there. Trunks thinks six hours is plenty, and Goten says Piccolo-san will be surprised to see how well they've trained already. Piccolo asks Buu if he wants to eat some food, but Buu yells and threatens to kill him. The boys sleep, until Piccolo reaches the door.

Buu and Piccolo step inside, and Piccolo waits in the sleeping area as Buu steps out towards the white stuff. Trunks and Goten are out there, ready and waiting. They call out to Buu, and Buu asks Piccolo if that's them. Piccolo hopes for a miracle. Trunks is disappointed Piccolo will be the only spectator. They tell Buu it ends here, putting their thumbs down. Buu is getting irritated, and as they start the Fusion Pose, Buu flies over and punches Trunks. Trunks chastises him that they were obviously about to do something great, and tells Buu to stay put. "Fu..." Piccolo wonders why they're not starting out as Super Saiyan. "sion...Ha!!!" Piccolo is glad they've perfected fusing.

Gotenks is here, and Buu remembers beating him up earlier. Gotenks insists that he's completely different from before, and Piccolo agrees that he does seem different. Gotenks flies over and kicks Buu, pummels him, and then Buu asks if he can attack now. Gotenks says to wait, and thinks how Buu must be pretended to be unaffected. Piccolo thinks it's all over.








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