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Chapter 491

Hissatsu! Kamikaze Atakku

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #46
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 41
Kanzenban: 33


"Heeheehee, I'm so scary, I'm so scary~ Here I go, okay~ I'm really quite scary~" Buu is just confused, while Piccolo wonders what the hell this is. Gotenks says Buu's dead, and tells the ghost to go. The ghost flies towards Buu, and Buu easily backhands it. But, upon impact, the ghost explodes. Buu is all distorted and melty looking, and Gotenks excitedly explains that even slightly touching the ghost creates a huge explosion. Piccolo yells to hurry and finish Buu. "Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack ten-ghosts-together Finish!!!!" Gotenks spits out ten ghosts, all of which goof off a bit. Gotenks tells them to fall in line, and face forward. Two ghosts argue, and Gotenks yells at them. Each ghost takes a number.

Piccolo interrupts and says Majin Buu is back to normal. Gotenks is pissed he's sitting there drinking cream soda (and reading a car magazine). Gotenks calls him out, and so Buu stands up with his soda. Gotenks sends #1 and #2 at Buu, but Buu flies up at the last second, and the ghosts crash into each other. Buu sticks his tongue out and says he won't fall for the same thing twice. Gotenks calls for a huddle with the ghosts, and once they have a new plan, two ghosts high five each other and blow themselves up. Gotenks says because of those two stupid ghosts, everyone but #10 go along with the plan. Five of them fly towards Buu, and he gets ready, but then the ghosts gather around something. The ghosts wonder what this weird thing is, and Buu curiously creeps over to look at it. The five of them jump at Buu, leaving Buu a gooey mess once the smoke clears. Gotenks tells #10 to finish it by going into Buu's mouth and blowing him up, which #10 does, and boom! Gotenks says it's over.








  1. Incomplete
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