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Chapter 490

Gotenkusu Jishin Manman!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #45
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 41
Kanzenban: 33


Gotenks says he hadn't been serious up until now. But he'll show Buu what he can really do. Dynamite Kick!!!! (Generic kick.) Rolling Thunder Punch!!! (Generic punch.) Inoshishi Attack!!! (Headbutt.) Power Tackle!!! Miracle Super Punch!!! Great Kick Special!! Magnum Sundae!!! Ultra Missile Parfait!!!! Hyper Plasma Shortcake!!! Buu backhands Gotenks and sends him flying a bit, and Piccolo puts his hands over his eyes. Gotenks says Buu is very tough, but insists he had calculated that. Buu says he's very weak, so this is no fun and he'll kill him. Gotenks says Buu just doesn't understand at all, and now Buu will regret having made him angry. "Super Saiyan!!!!!" Piccolo is amazed he could become Super Saiyan after Fusion.

Gotenks says he'll end this, but wonders which of his many techniques to use. Buu will die in one shot from this, but oh well. Galactica Donut!!!! Gotenks forms a small ring of ki, then sends it to hover above Buu. First he widens the ring, then lowers it to surround Buu, and finally closes the ring around Buu. Buu struggles and screams for a bit, but then says, "Not." and busts free. Gotenks is baffled, as Buu flies over towards him. Gotenks jumps over an attack, but Buu kicks him into the air, and then flies up with him. Buu backflips and kicks Gotenks towards the ground. Buu dives down after him, but Gotenks kicks off the ground, and then collides with a headbutt halfway. Buu is hurt now, but so is Gotenks, who gives Buu the finger. Gotenks says he'll really end things now, and Piccolo starts to think he might actually do it. "Take this!!! And then disappear from This World!!! My thought-out, specialized great technique!!!! Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack!!!!" Gotenks charges up a bit, and then spits out a ghost. "Hi, I'm a ghost~"








  1. Incomplete
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