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Chapter 497

Son Gohan no Daigyakushuu!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #52
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 41
Kanzenban: 33


Everyone wonders who has this powerful ki. Piccolo thinks it may be a new enemy, until he gets closer and Piccolo realizes it's Gokuu. But Goten corrects him, it's Niichan. Gohan lands, glad he made it in time. Gohan says Kaioushin-sama had saved him, and he was with him until now. Piccolo hadn't recognized him because he's somehow different, even his facial features. The make-up of his ki is also different, with the softness gone. Gohan learns from Trunks that Majin Buu killed everyone, even Mom and Dende. Gohan is pissed that everyone is gone, along with the Dragon Balls. Buu says they were delicious, but Gohan does feel a faint ki somewhere. Gohan then walks up to Buu.

BUU: Kikiki... Hey, don't tell me... You intend to fight me?
GOHAN: No. I intend to kill you.

Buu laughs, and remember that he'd beaten up Gohan before. Piccolo thinks Gohan can't win, and the boys prepare to use Fusion to help out. Gohan suddenly powers up and punches Buu in the face, kicks him, blocks a punch, kicks him again, punches him in the gut, kicks Buu into the air, follows and kicks Buu towards the ground, and then lands behind Buu and insults him. Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten all drop jaws.








  1. Incomplete
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