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Chapter 498

Majin Buu no Bukimi na Ugoki

Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #1
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 41
Kanzenban: 33


Buu is shocked, and Gohan says he can't win (he's speaking and acting a bit like Vegeta, by the way). Buu says it was HIM after all. Buu had felt a strong power far far far away, and he can't allow anyone to be stronger than him. Buu screams that he won't allow Gohan to get away with this, and he'll kill him. Gohan says Buu knows that's futile. Buu grins and starts charging up, so Gohan quickly flies off with Piccolo and the boys as Buu explodes. They fly off to some grassy spot, where Gohan says that Buu didn't die when he self-destructed, nor did he try to kill Gohan with it. Piccolo can't feel his ki, so Gohan says he's hiding it. Goten suspects a sneak attack, but Gohan just figures he must be planning something.

Trunks figures even if Buu is alive, Gohan-san can take care of him. Goten says he's even stronger than their Super Gotenks, and Trunks admits maybe a little. Piccolo asks Gohan how he got this strong, so Gohan explains about the awesome old man. Gohan then wants to know who has the Dragon Radar, and it's Piccolo. Piccolo says Dende's dead, but Gohan points out a faint ki, Dende's. The four of them fly off towards Dende, and along the way, they spot someone. Mister Satan, who wants a beer, or at least water, and the puppy. Trunks wants to leave him, but Piccolo thinks they should bring him along. Piccolo carries Satan, and Goten carries the puppy.

Piccolo wonders why Dende alone would have survived, since Buu had plenty of time to kill him. Gohan says Piccolo and Gotenks left the Room of Spirit and Time immediately after Buu did, so Buu probably didn't have time after all. Piccolo realizes he'd gotten mixed up, and it had only been ten seconds in this dimension. Piccolo drops Satan as he gets excited, but Trunks grabs him. And then they spot Dende. Dende explains that Popo-san threw him down, since he must live. Piccolo thinks Mister Popo did well. Satan wonders about this brat with the odd complexion, but Trunks says he's Kami-sama. Gokuu is relieved, while Kaioushin-sama wonders about these Dragon Ball things. Satan has now learned that Videl was killed, but Goten reassures him that she can be brought back. Satan threatens Goten (he'll make him swallow a thousand needles) if he's lying. Suddenly, they feel Majin Buu approaching. Gohan wants to see what's changed within one hour.








  1. Incomplete
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