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Chapter 500


Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #3·4
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 41
Kanzenban: 33


Buu wants to make this fight quick, because of Super Gotenks's time limit. Gohan thinks Buu was right to absorb Piccolo-san as well. Gohan kicks at Buu, but Buu catches his leg. Gohan tries with the other leg, but Buu grabs that as well, so Gohan is just hanging there. Gohan shoots a blast with his hand, but Buu leans his head back. From there, Buu sends his forelock up between his own legs, so that it grabs Gohan by the neck. The forelock then drags Gohan through Buu's legs, so that Gohan and Buu are now back to back. (I wonder if this was what the chapter title is referring to...) Buu faces backwards and punches Gohan off into the distance, following up with a huge blast that Gohan just barely escapes from.

Buu flies over to Gohan, and taunts him, which angers Gohan. Gohan flies at Buu with a kick, but Buu dodges it by leaning back. He leans so far back that he does a complete 360°, kicking Gohan into the air. Buu then does Renzoku Super Donut, tying Gohan up, and Buu laughs and asks what if feels like to be done in by a friend's technique. On Kaioushin World, Gokuu thinks Gohan will be killed for sure. Old Kaioushin-sama says he hadn't calculated this would happen, and tells Son Gokuu to go help. Gokuu says he can't go back to the living world anymore, but Old Kaioushin-sama knows this. He'll give his own life so that Gokuu can live, though. Kibito protests giving his life to a mortal, but the old man says Majin Buu will come certainly come here otherwise. Kaioushin-sama volunteers instead, but Old Kaioushin-sama says he's still young, while he (old man) only has about a thousand years left.

Buu prepares to use another of their techniques: Kamehameha. Gohan breaks free of the donuts just in time to dodge the Kamehameha. Buu is annoyed at his persistance. Elsewhere, Enmadaiou-sama had left someone's soul alone in case of something like this, and now he's even given him a body again. He wants this person to go to Earth and help, and he needs Uranai Baba to take him there. Baba understands. The person is Vegeta. Old Kaioushin-sama says farewell, and then kills over. Gokuu's halo disappears, and he promises not to waste this life. Old Kaioushin-sama suddenly sits up again, sporting a halo, saying to hurry so that he hasn't died in vain. Buu continues mocking Gohan's persistance to live.








  1. Incomplete
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