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Chapter 499


Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #2
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 41
Kanzenban: 33


Buu lands and smirks, as Gohan thinks nothing seems to have changed. Trunks thinks Buu will just run away again. Buu then yells that he wants to fight the chibis. Gohan refuses, but Buu insists that he wants to settle the score with them before fighting Gohan. Gohan wonders why, but Buu ignores him and accuses the boys of being scared. Trunks and Goten each say that they're not, and Piccolo thinks this is weird. Trunks says Buu is too stupid to have any sort of plan, and then they perform Fusion. Gotenks start off as Super Saiyan 3, calling himself, Super Gotenks, the death god of justice. Buu thinks, "With the chibis' power, and that Piccolo guy's brains..." Gotenks flies over next to Gohan, and says to let him fight. Buu oozes a little bit of his back off into two blobs, and the blobs slide across the ground unnoticed.

As Gotenks prepares to fight, one blob envelops him, while the other blob takes Piccolo. Buu brings the two blobs back to him and combines with them, and begins to transform. Gokuu wants Gohan to kill him now, but it's over before Gohan can react. Buu has transformed, with a very elongated forelock and smaller facial features (to represent Super Saiyan 3), and Gotenks's vest. Buu says this is the birth of the strongest majin. Gohan can't believe this, but Buu says it's Gohan's fault for getting stronger. He felt Gohan's existence far away, and thought he might be stronger, so he started planning. This was confirmed when they fought before, which was when he realized he'd be the strongest if he absorbed Super Gotenks. But, since his power had a time limit, Buu decided to wait until the next chance. Gohan says Buu's stupidity still hasn't changed, and says it would've been smarter to absorb him. Buu realizes Gohan doesn't get it. "What would be the point of being the strongest if there's no one to fight? Didn't the previous Majin Buu say it? That I would kill you, for certain? That is my greatest motive..." Gohan gets it now.








  1. Incomplete
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