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Chapter 502

Seikou Suru ka!? Potara no Gattai!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #7
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 41
Kanzenban: 33


Gokuu suddenly stops and asks if they should be Super Saiyan first. Old Kaioushin-sama says there's no point, they can do it afterwards. It would be too much for their body, and shorten their lifespan. You can only use the Potara once in your life, though. Gokuu asks if Gramps has ever used them. He explains that an ugly old witch once took one to try to be a pretty gal, and this is why he's able to do these mysterious things. Kaioushin-sama says there's no time for talking, so Gokuu hurries and teleports away. Buu prepares to launch his huge ball, Gohan, Tenshinhan, and Dende are all in shock, and Satan closes his eyes and fires his gun, apologizing.

Gokuu suddenly appears behind Buu, and throws a Kienzan. Buu is cut in half, and the end of his forelock has been snipped off as well. Gohan wonders how Father was able to come back to the lower world. Satan opens his eyes, and realizes he's cut Buu's body all up with that shot. Buu's upper body recognizes Gokuu as the guy with all the weird transformations. Buu says it's no use if he's come to help. Gokuu grins and confidenly tells Buu he's wrong, because he has an incredible power up item this time. Buu's lower body has landed behind Tenshinhan, and so his legs kick Tenshinhan hard and knock him out. Buu's lower and upper body rejoin, and Buu says that guy seemed like quite an expert, but he's still a small fry that was taken out with just one kick. The rest of them are small fries too. Gokuu asks why he bothered restoring himself if that was the case.

Buu thinks Gokuu must really want to die, as Gokuu tosses the other Potara to Gohan. Gokuu says to hurry and find it, then put it on his right ear so they can fuse and defeat Buu. Buu thinks that would still be useless, but he won't allow them to fuse anyway. First he'll kill Gokuu, but Gokuu begs to wait as Gohan searches through the rocks. Buu flies at Gokuu, so Gokuu becomes Super Saiyan 3 and prepares to fight. But Buu stops mid-air, just before Gohan finds the Potara. Buu begins transforming again, until he starts to resemble Piccolo. Gokuu laughs, because Piccolo is the strongest one, since the chibis have defused. Gokuu powers down, disappointed that now Gohan alone could win like this.

Buu smirks and says he had some insurance, just in case of this. Gokuu asks about this, so Buu points to his forelock that he didn't bother to restore. The severed piece turns into a blob, and suddenly envelops Gohan. The Potara drops to the ground, and Gokuu flies over and grabs it as Buu begins to transform again. The Kaioushins think it's all over, as Buu is complete. He now has Gohan's outfit, which had been a copy of Gokuu's dougi. "I was gonna fuse with Gohan... There ain't no way around it!! Who else could I fuse with... Tenshinhan's down... Dende ain't a fighter... Mi-Mister Satan...?"








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