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Chapter 503

孫悟空 最後の合体!!
Son Gokuu Saigo no Gattai!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #8
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 42
Kanzenban: 33


Buu laughs and says there's no one left to fuse with. Gokuu realizes his only choice is Mister Satan. Satan tells Dende that Majin Buu is somehow still alive, and he's out of bullets. Dende unenthusiastically asks, "Is that so." Buu, in his infinite generosity, is going to grant Gokuu five seconds to pick someone to fuse with. "With Satan is no good... With a power of 1000, I'd become 1001, and that can't win... Or no, wouldn't I get weaker than I am now...!?" Gokuu's time is up, and so he prepares to toss the Potara to Satan, until he suddenly feels a ki. Vegeta. Baba tells him this is as far as she can bring him (somewhere away from the battlefield), because she's scared. Gokuu teleports away, just before Buu attacks him.

Gokuu is happy that it really is Vegeta, while Vegeta is surprised to see him at all, as is Baba. Buu thinks he'll find Gokuu, whether he's at the bottom of the Earth, or another planet, or anywhere, and then flies off. Dende says he's going to follow them, and Satan begs him to bring him along. Meanwhile, Baba asks how Gokuu is alive again, but Gokuu says she needs to leave, they'll talk later. Gokuu then asks Vegeta to put the Potara on his right ear. Vegeta asks why, so Gokuu explains how they'll fuse and become a warrior with incredible power. Gokuu insists this is the only way, but Vegeta is reluctant.

Buu feels another large power, but still doubts they'd even be much of an adversary fused. Gokuu says Buu is getting closer, and begs Vegeta to put on the Potara. But Vegeta is very pissed that he hadn't used Super Saiyan 3 during their fight. Gokuu insists that that transformation was time-limited, and then gets angry and asks Vegeta if he also knows that Buu killed everyone, including Blooma, and then Piccolo, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks were all absorbed. Vegeta hesistates as Buu gets very close, but then finally asks for the Potara and starts putting it on his right ear. Buu prepares to throw a ki attack at them, and Gokuu decides to mention that they'll be permanently fused. Vegeta has it on, Gokuu thanks him, and then...








  1. Incomplete
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