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Chapter 519

バイバイ ドラゴンワールド
Baibai Doragon Waarudo

Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #25
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 42
Kanzenban: 34


Announcer goes over the match-ups, explaining to come to the ring when your name is called, etc. They're free to relax or warm up or whatever. Goten is upset that he has to face Buu in the first round. Kekko thinks he should be the one to cry, because he has to face this little kid. Pan sticks her tongue out at him, and he tells her to go home and drink breastmilk. Otoko Sukii is VERY pleased that he'll be facing Trunks. Knock (who looks like he's wearing an X Japan shirt (it's actually a Y)) starts calling out Vegeta, making fun of his age. He gets in Vegeta's face, laughs, and tells him to die. Vegeta nonchalantly punches him and sends him flying.

Announcer declares the Tenkaichi Budoukai is beginning to the crowd, and the first match will begin. Pan-senshu is a genius girl at only age four, and she's the grandchild of Mister Satan. Her opponent, Mou Kekko-senshu, lost to Mister Buu in the semifinals of the last tournament, and is 2 meters, 30 centimeters tall. Satan hopes Pan-chan will be okay. The match begins, and Pan jumps up and punches Kekko in the face, then kicks him out of the ring. Once it's made certain he's still breathing, Pan is declared the winner, and she cutely bows. Now it's time for the second match. Announcer explains about Gokuu's decorated past, and then tells us that Uub-senshu is a boy at age ten who's come all the way from an island in the south, and he really wants the prize money. Blooma feels bad that the poor kid has come all this way just to lose to Son-kun. Piccolo tells Dende this is the match to pay the most attention to this time.

The match begins, and Gokuu tells Uub not to be nervous, or else he can't put out his true strength. Uub nervously says okay, and Gokuu thinks it's no use. Gokuu thinks he has no choice... "Hey you! Get your ass over here, you bastard! I pretended to be a good guy around everyone earlier, but really, I'm very very bad! Why you... I, uhh, hate you! I'm gonna knock you out. Also, uhh, I'm gonna beat you to death, and do you want me to bring your bones home! Uhh... Your outie-belly-button mommy is waiting!" Uub protests calling his mommy that. "Well, then is she a shit? Yeah yeah, she's a shit, huh!" Trunks and Goten wonder what he's doing. Gokuu thinks he'll finish it now, and flies at Uub saying, "Your daddy is also a shit!!"

Gokuu kicks Uub in the face, and then backs off. Uub gets pissed and says his father and mother aren't shits, as he rushes towards Gokuu with a kick. Gokuu blocks it, but his arm really hurts afterwards. Gokuu barely dodges a punch, and then backflips away from a kick. Gokuu flies at Uub with a punch that Uub just barely blocks, and the two of them exchange blows for a bit. Everyone is shocked about this kid. Uub does a kiai that sends Gokuu into the air, and then is shocked that Gokuu is floating in the air. Gokuu lands, and notes that he still doesn't know how to fly. Gokuu says he couldn't have known that without a teacher. Gokuu apologizes for the badmouthing, explaining that he just wanted to see his true strength. Gokuu says he certainly is impressive, but what good is fighting if he doesn't know how to use his power.

Gokuu offers to come live at Uub's house and teach him. Uub says his house is poor, and that's why he needs the prize money. Gokuu says that's no problem, as he can borrow lots of money from Mister Satan. Gokuu explains that Uub will be the one to protect the peace from now on. Gokuu tells him to wait as he flies up to the skybox to inform his friends: "I'm gonna train this guy and go live at his house. I don't know how long it'll take, but I'll come back a lot. Be good, okay. See ya!" Gohan is very confused. Gokuu goes back to Uub and says to climb on his back, and hold on tightly if they're going to an island in the south. Gokuu zooms off, and Trunks and Goten wonder what happened. Everyone in the skybox is confused, but Piccolo smirks and says this is the happiest he's seen Gokuu in a long time. Vegeta knows what Cacarrot's scheme is, and it's not just to train Buu's reincarnation to protect the peace.

GOKUU: Ain't it exciting, Uub! Meeting an incredibly strong guy!
UUB: Yes!!
GOKUU: It is, huh!! You'll become a lot stronger!!
UUB: Yes!!
GOKUU: Wrong, wrong. Say "Ohh."

"Concerning Dragon Ball, it's been a great action showcase of Gokuu and his friends! What everyone is able to see ends here... From here, there is probably lots and lots of trouble that will happen, but certainly, somehow or other, they should be able to climb over it... It's okay. Because there's the Dragon Balls...!"








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