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Chapter 518

Soshite Juunengo

Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #24
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 42
Kanzenban: 34


There is a "Chart of the Characters Ten Years Later". Blooma. Vegeta -- hasn't changed. Son Gokuu -- hasn't changed. Chichi. Buu -- now, he isn't Majin Buu; he's become 'Mister Buu'. Bra -- Trunks's little sister. Trunks. Son Goten -- because he would get mistaken for Gokuu, it seems he's forcibly changed his hair style. Mister Satan. Bee -- the dog Buu saved ten years ago. Eighteen. Kuririn. Son Gohan -- he's finally become a scholar. <--Married--> Videl. Yamcha. Marron -- Eighteen and Kuririn's child. Kamesennin -- only his sunglasses have changed. Pan -- Gohan and Videl's child. Dende. Piccolo -- hasn't changed.

In the backyard, Goten (wearing a shirt that says "GOTEN SON" in English) is exhausted. Gokuu says it's been a while to Blooma and Vegeta. Blooma says it isn't just a while; if she left him alone, they'd never see each other. Gokuu says they just saw each other five years ago. Blooma disputes that when everyone got together five years ago, he didn't show up because he was training. Gokuu says she sure is becoming a middle-aged lady, and she yells back that Saiyans are freaks. Vegeta says that because they Saiyans are a fighting race, they remain young for a longer period of time so they can fight. Blooma wonders if she should ask Shenlong to make her younger.

Vegeta asks if it's true that Cacarrot is training for the Tenkaichi Budoukai tomorrow. Gokuu says yep, and Vegeta should enter too. There's going to be an awesome guy entering. Vegeta doesn't feel any strong ki, but Gokuu says that's because he's been surpressing his ki. Vegeta says there shouldn't be anyone like that, and asks if he's an alien. Nope, an Earthling. Trunks then shows up, and asks Goten if he's training to enter tomorrow. Goten says yeah, because Dad made him even though he said no. He had a date tomorrow. Gokuu says he can go on a date any time. Vegeta says both of them have troublesome kids, and Gokuu agrees. Pan then arrives, and tells Grandpa she just flew around the Earth. Trunks asks if Pan-chan is also entering. Yep.

Blooma is worried, because there's no Kids Division this time, and she'll have to fight adults. Gokuu says she probably can't win, but it would be good for her. He also says Pan is now the one with the most will-power among them. Vegeta is intrigued, and says he'll enter. He orders Trunks to enter also, or else he'll cut his allowance in half. At the Budoukai... Satan explains to Buu that this time they'll do the same as always: Buu becomes the champion of the challengers, then faces Satan, the super champion, and loses. But he must hold back his strength against the challengers, or else he'll scare them all off. Gokuu comes to Satan's room with Pan, and Satan is very happy to see his cute little Pan-chan. He asks if she's come to cheer for Grandpa. Nope, she's entering, and so is Gokuu Grandpa, Goten-kun, Trunks-kun, and Uncle Vegeta.

Gokuu says they've all passed the preliminaries, and Satan freaks out. Gokuu reassures him that they'll allow Satan to win. But someone besides Buu or them might win. Goten asks Satan if he can get all their friends better seats, and Satan says no problem. The gang all get ringside seats now, except that the ring is too high for them to even see. Blooma says they're changing, because they can't see anything. They like their new skybox seats. Meanwhile, Announcer calls the competitors over for the lottery, twelve this time. Whoever makes it to the end will face the super champion, Mister Satan, to decide the winner. Vegeta wants to know who the guy is, but Gokuu doesn't say.

The lottery is beginning, and Gokuu asks Buu to mess around with the numbers with his magic. The competitors are: Vegeta. Son Gokuu. Mister Buu. Trunks. Pan. Son Goten. Kirano (young pretty boy). Mou Kekko (big mean guy). Uub (dark-skinned boy with a mohawk). Captain Chicken (guy in a chicken costume). Knock (punk guy). Otoko Sukii (effeminate guy). Gokuu tells Vegeta he wants to fight the person at 100% in the first round. Mou-san gets #2, then next is Trunks-san. A little later, Son Gokuu-san. Gokuu asks Buu to make him #3. Next is Kirano-san, and Gokuu says to make him #6. Vegeta had thought Kirano might be the guy. Next is Uub-kun, and Gokuu says to make him #4, and then no more magic. Vegeta is very surprised, as Gokuu says he's been waiting a long time and training until this kid entered the tournament. Vegeta wants an explanation right away.

"Ten years ago, when the Buu that was incredibly evil died, I made a wish... 'This time, be reborn as a good guy, and let's fight one-on-one'... It seems Enmadaiou Uncle heard that and made it happen..." Vegeta can't believe that kid is the reincarnation. Gokuu says it's no mistake, he just knows it somehow. "Look at even his name. Uub, right? If you read it backwards, that's Buu, ain't it... Wouldn't that be a strange coincidence?" Uub is looking nervous, and thinking it's just like Mommy said about there being lots of strong people outside the village. Uub wonders how he'll win and use the prize money to buy food to bring back. The Match-Ups!

The Toriyama bot says: "Next time, in 'Dragon Ball' Chapter 519, something will happen!!!! So! 'What in the world will happen', you say!? Wait without great expectations!!"








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