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Dragon Ball

エピソードオブバーダック 第1回
Episode of Bardock, Part 1

Creator, Supervisor: 鳥山明 Akira Toriyama
Author: オオイシナホ Naho Ooishi
V Jump Issue: August 2011
Pages: 19
Color Pages: No


On Planet Vegeeta, the Saiyans were attacked by their boss, Freeza, for some reason.

An injured Burdack floats in space just above the planet, along with many of Freeza's soldiers. Burdack angrily dashes toward Freeza's spaceship and demands that he show himself. Freeza complies and exits his ship, along with Zaabon and Duduria. Freeza calmly asks Burdack what he wants, so Burdack angrily asks why the Saiyans were attacked when they're all supposed to be allies. Zaabon laughs, and Duduria says the Saiyans were merely being used. Freeza further explains that the Saiyans have become eyesores, so he wants to be rid of them and Planet Vegeeta. Burdack begins to charge at Freeza, but Freeza suddenly creates a giant ball of energy that he launches toward the planet. Freeza says that it would be problematic if a "Super Saiyan" appeared, despite it being highly unlikely, as Burdack is caught in the planet's explosion.

Or so it seemed... Burdack suddenly wakes up in a bed, in pain, and certain he was caught in Planet Vegeeta's explosion. He then looks out of a window and notes that the scenery and sky color here are similar to that of Planet Vegeeta. Just then, two humanoid creatures with frog-like eyes enter the room. A tall one named Ipana, and a small one named Berry. Ipana introduces himself and explains that he is the village doctor. He tries to introduce Berry as his son, but Berry suddenly runs away in fear. Ipana explains that the boy is shy around strangers, while Burdack ponders this race he's never seen before.

Ipana then uses his village's secret medicine on Burdack's wounds, which is a fluid that Burdack thinks is a lot like the fluid in Medical Machines. Ipana says that even with this medicine, it will take half a month before he fully recovers. Ipana then explains that he had found Burdack unconscious at the edge of the forest and dragged him here, and that he didn't seem to be a fellow native of Planet Plant. Burdack remembers that Planet Plant was Planet Vegeeta's original name, causing him to wonder if he's in the past. Ipana then asks Burdack for his name and prepares to give him food, but he is suddenly interrupted by the sound of a spaceship landing nearby. Ipana says spaceships are rare around here, while Burdack is concerned about whom the ship might belong to. He then dashes out of bed, despite Ipana's protests.

Two alien warriors have emerged from the ship, named Kyabira and Toobi. They state that "Chilled-sama" has his eye on this pitiful planet. Then they shout to the scurrying villagers that they're conquering Planet Plant, and they'll kill any who oppose them. Burdack appears before them and notes that they don't seem like Freeza's men. Toobi thinks this guy is a fool as Kyabira prepares to handle him alone. But they are shocked by Burdack's speed when he suddenly appears behind Kyabira and delivers a harsh kick that knocks Kyabira out. Toobi attempts to attack Burdack next, but Burdack easily dodges, then fires a wide ki blast that completely vaporizes Toobi. The villagers crowd around Burdack to thank him for saving them, but Burdack states that he doesn't care about them and flies away.

Burdack arrives at a cave that he decides to stay in for the time being. He sits down and wonders what happened to him after fighting Freeza and being caught in the planet's explosion. But he grows alert when he suddenly senses someone's presence. It's Berry, who has arrived with a basket of food. Burdack recognizes him, but tells him to go away and threatens to kill him. Berry begins to run off, but says he'll leave the food here anyway. The next day, Berry returns with another basket of food, and is happy to see that Burdack finished the first basket. Days after that, Berry arrives with more food during a rain storm, and Burdack allows him to sit out the storm in the cave.

Out in space on a ship, Chilled says they haven't heard from Toobi and Kyabira for 10 days, so he wants to check Planet Plant again. But one of his men says he can't pick up any trace of those two. Chilled decides he'll go there personally to figure out what happened to them. He thinks the trip to Planet Plant could be quite entertaining as his ship speeds off.


This manga was created separately from the main continuity, 16 years after its original publication ended, and 15 years after its original broadcast ended. It is meant to be a sequel to the first Dragon Ball Z TV special, which was an anime-original story that was later acknowledged in the main continuity. The events of this story slightly contradict the events of the TV special, but they do not necessarily contradict the summarized version of it that appears in the main continuity.

Differences from the TV special include: Freeza never spoke to Burdack; Burdack's dialogue was originally more about changing fate than questioning motives; rather than commenting on the potential arrival of a Super Saiyan, Freeza instead marveled over the beauty of the planet's explosion.

The events of this chapter are depicted in the Episode of Bardock animated special, which was first released 6 months after this chapter was first published. Changes in the anime version include: Berry is no longer shy when he first meets Burdack, and is instead open and friendly; Burdack's fight with Toobi and Kyabira is depicted differently, and their deaths are less explicit; and no village mayor makes himself known. There are also a number of small changes to the dialogue in the anime adaptation.


There are also numerous unnamed Freeza soldiers and other villagers on Planet Plant.


The events of this chapter take place primarily on Planet Plant. Locations include a small rocky village, Ipana's house within that village, and a nearby cave. There are also scenes in and around Freeza's spaceship in the space above Planet Vegeeta (the future name of Planet Plant), and at Chilled's spaceship somewhere else in space.

The events of this chapter begin in Age 737, just before the destruction of Planet Vegeeta, but go back to an unspecified point in the past prior to Age 720. The pre 720 events primarily take place in one day, but eventually conclude 10 days later.



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