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Dragon Ball

エピソードオブバーダック 第2回
Episode of Bardock, Part 2

Creator, Supervisor: 鳥山明 Akira Toriyama
Author: オオイシナホ Naho Ooishi
V Jump Issue: September 2011
Pages: 15
Color Pages: No


Chilled's spaceship has reached Planet Plant and is ready for landing. Chilled ponders the fun he might have with the person who killed his underlings. The ship soon touches down on the surface, where Chilled and some of his underlings fly out to the ground below. One underling lands ahead of the group and disdainfully inspects the planet, until Chilled kills him for being so rash. Chilled then wonders if Kyabira and Toobi were really killed by people here, but another underling explains that their signals definitely vanished on this planet. Chilled considers the situation some more and suddenly gets an idea. A short time passes, and his men praise the idea. The group then flies away.

In the village, Ipana tends to a child's wounded arm as Chilled and his men arrive. Chilled takes great interest in the sight of Ipana's healing fluid being used on the child's arm. The villagers then ask these new people who they are. One of Chilled's underlings claims they are space police that protect the entire universe. Planet Plant is rich in resources, making it a target for bad people, but everything is okay now that they are here. Chilled asks if two aliens had been here recently, explaining that those were bad people they're pursuing. But the villagers explain that those two are already gone, thanks to Burdack. Chilled then asks to see Burdack so he can be rewarded, and the villagers happily agree to search for him. But Berry grows suspicious when he sees blood on Chilled's arm and sneaks away from the village.

Outside of his cave, Burdack begins to wonder about Planet Plant, the mysterious healing fluid, and if he's really in the past. He then thinks of Freeza and grows angry, but his thoughts are interrupted by Berry's arrival. Berry explains that more aliens have arrived at the village, and they're looking for him, but Burdack doesn't care. As Berry tries to explain his misgivings about these people, they suddenly hear a loud boom. There is smoke coming from the village, so Berry begs for Burdack to help them. Burdack tries to refuse, but he suddenly remembers his slain comrades and flies away.

Chilled laughs at the villagers for believing his space police lie as explosions occur in the village. Chilled's underlings then bring Ipana to him, noting that he is apparently the village doctor. Chilled wants the medicine that instantly heals, but Ipana refuses. Chilled thus tells his men to torture Ipana until he changes his mind. But Burdack suddenly snaps the neck of one of the underlings, and Ipana shouts his name in surprise. Chilled hears the name and notes that this is the person that killed Toobi and Kyabira.

Burdack takes one look at Chilled and instantly thinks of Freeza. He angrily rushes towards Chilled and punches him in the face, but Chilled easily kicks Burdack away, sending him sliding across the ground. Chilled then steps on Burdack's head, causing Burdack to scream in pain and yell, "Freeza...!" Chilled complains about all this "Freeza" nonsense and explains that he is Chilled, the mighty space pirate. Burdack curses and yells "Freeza!" again.


This manga was created separately from the main continuity, 16 years after its original publication ended, and 15 years after its original broadcast ended. It is meant to be a sequel to the first Dragon Ball Z TV special, which was an anime-original story that was later acknowledged in the main continuity. The events of this story slightly contradict the events of the TV special, but they do not necessarily contradict the summarized version of it that appears in the main continuity.

Differences from the TV special include: Freeza's flashback dialogue about Super Saiyans was not present; the flashback to the slain Saiyans has visual inconsistencies, such as Selypa having longer hair.

The events of this chapter are depicted in the Episode of Bardock animated special, which was first released 5 months after this chapter was first published. Changes in the anime version include: Selypa's hair is shorter, as it was in the original TV special; Chilled does not kill one of his own men, and thus blood is not the reason Berry suspects Chilled is evil; Chilled's men now have guns on their arms; and Burdack spends much less time confusing Chilled with Freeza. There are also a number of small changes to the dialogue in the anime adaptation.



The events of this chapter take place primarily on and around Planet Plant. Locations include a small rocky village, a nearby cave, rocky wilderness some distance away from the village, and inside Chilled's spaceship overlooking the planet. There are also flashbacks to a scene outside of Freeza's spaceship in the space above Planet Vegeeta (the future name of Planet Plant), and to a scene at a wrecked village on Planet Meat.

The events of this chapter take place at an unspecified point in the past prior to Age 720, some hours or days after the events of the previous chapter.



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