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Dragon Ball

エピソードオブバーダック 第3回
Episode of Bardock, Part 3

Creator, Supervisor: 鳥山明 Akira Toriyama
Author: オオイシナホ Naho Ooishi
V Jump Issue: October 2011
Pages: 15
Color Pages: No


Berry returns to his village, where he finds Ipana tied up. As he unties his father, he notices Chilled standing over Burdack. Chilled says he had expected more of the person that killed his men, and would have even considered letting said person join him. But he has no use for someone this weak, so he begins charging energy at the tip of his fingers. Berry rushes toward Chilled and yells to stop, which causes Chilled to direct his attack at Berry instead. Berry lies unconscious as Ipana and Burdack look on. Chilled then mocks Berry and tells Burdack he really will kill him this time.

Burdack slowly pulls himself up, wishing he had more power, both now and during Planet Vegeeta's destruction. He climbs to his feet, very angry with Chilled. Burdack then thinks of Freeza and snaps. His hair changes color and he yells "Freeza!" as he explodes with power. Chilled is shocked as Burdack ponders his new power. Burdack turns his attention back to Chilled and tells him he'll pay. But Chilled says he shouldn't let this turning gold business get to his head. Burdack remains calm as Chilled heads into the air and fires a barrage of ki blasts down at him. Debris from the damage flies toward the villagers until Chilled finally stops, and all that remains is a cloud of smoke. Chilled gloats about his victory, stating that turning gold changed nothing for him.

But when the smoke clears, Burdack is still standing, with only minor damage taken. Chilled asks who he is, and Burdack responds that he is merely a Saiyan. Chilled wonders what a Saiyan is as Burdack approaches him. A frustrated Chilled says no one could possibly be stronger than himself, and he flies into the air and declares that he'll blow away the entire planet. Chilled charges up a large ball of ki and launches it toward the ground, but Burdack simply uses a one-handed ki blast to send it back up to Chilled. Chilled is hit directly, and the force of the blasts propel him all the way out into space.

The villagers begin to cheer the victory, and they all happily rush to Burdack, led by Ipana and Berry. Meanwhile, Chilled is still alive in space, where his men find him and bring him back aboard their ship. They hook Chilled up to medical equipment, and Chilled weakly removes his breathing device to deliver a message to his men. He says to tell his clan to beware of humans called "Saiyans" that turn gold. Chilled then collapses as his men look on in horror.

The legend of the strongest warrior, the Super Saiyan, would be passed down through Freeza's clan.


This manga was created separately from the main continuity, 16 years after its original publication ended, and 15 years after its original broadcast ended. It is meant to be a sequel to the first Dragon Ball Z TV special, which was an anime-original story that was later acknowledged in the main continuity. The events of this story slightly contradict the events of the TV special, but they do not necessarily contradict the summarized version of it that appears in the main continuity.

The events of this chapter are depicted in the Episode of Bardock animated special, which was first released 4 months after this chapter was first published. Changes in the anime version include: Burdack spends much less time confusing Chilled with Freeza; Burdack's fight with Chilled is extended, as is his Super Saiyan transformation; and the narration is less definitive about Burdack originating the Super Saiyan legend. There are also a number of small changes to the dialogue in the anime adaptation.


There are also numerous other villagers on Planet Plant.


The events of this chapter take place primarily on Planet Plant, in the small rocky village where Ipana and Berry live. There are also scenes in the space above Planet Plant, and inside Chilled's spaceship in that space. And there are flashbacks to events in the space above Planet Vegeeta (the future name of Planet Plant).

The events of this chapter take place at an unspecified point in the past prior to Age 720, immediately after the events of the previous chapter.



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