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Current Agenda

Here is a brief list of current projects and their status.

  • ANDY Fansite: Still need a "Go Go Cactus Man" MIDI.
  • Sailor Moon:
    • Manga Translations: Updated monthly. Main story nearly complete, but many side stories in the backlog.
    • Manga Comparisons: Updated monthly with the corresponding translations. Needs a new layout. Will eventually add more details.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Names/Terminology: This updates as I encounter new terms in other DB projects. Lots of content left to add, and lots of existing content to flesh out.
    • Guidebook Translations: Temporarily on hiatus. Will resume after the Sailor Moon backlog is clear.
    • Manga Summaries: Currently on hiatus. Was completed long ago, but requires many revisions, and additional content to add. May resume after Daizenshuu #7 is complete.
    • Episode Summaries: Currently on hiatus. May resume after Daizenshuu #7 is complete.
    • Movie Summaries: Currently on hiatus. Other movies will likely be added when relevant to the manga and episode summaries.
    • Specials Summaries: A few things left to flesh out for Episode of Bardock. Other specials will likely be added on a whim, or when relevant to the manga and episode summaries.
  • Words: Generally updates on a whim, but there is a large backlog of TV thoughts and other blog ideas to work through.

Now here is a list of some probable future projects and their status. Some ideas I'm keeping to myself, however.

  • Sailor Moon:
    • Sailor V Translations: Will start when Sailor Moon is complete.
    • Lyric Translations: Some content already complete, but was never really public, and will need lots of clean up work and organization.
  • Games:
    • Collections/Achievements Something: Formatting issues to work out.
    • Final Fantasy II Script: Nearly complete in content, but was never really public, and will need a lot of revisions.
    • Final Fantasy I Script: Will start either directly before or directly after FFII.
    • Final Fantasy VI Script: Inevitable. Will probably start on a whim one day, though NES scripts are theoretically higher priority.
    • Tomato Adventure Script: Maybe.

And this is a list of things from the old version of the site (or things that were going to be) and their status.

  • Dragon Ball:
    • Airdates: Was completed long ago, and has generally been converted into the new episode summary project.
    • Articles: This was abandoned years ago in favor of a similar project that never started. A lot of material from it has been repurposed for the new names/terminology page.
    • Casts: Was completed long ago, but will be converted into the new episode summary project.
    • DVDs: I have no interest in this section anymore, but parts of it have been converted into the episode summary project.
    • Edit List: This project was mostly finished years ago. Even if I could find the missing episodes at this point, the relevance of the project is long over, and I simply don't want to acknowledge the English dub anymore.

To summarize, the top priority at the moment is the Sailor Moon translations, and the version comparisons that go along with them. Just after that comes the Dragon Ball guidebook translations. When those things are generally done or well under way, fixing up my old Dragon Ball manga summaries is the next highest priority, and alongside that comes the episode summary project. Other content may begin when some of the other things are finished.

The Dragon Ball dub edit list may eventually be moved to some sort of "old school" section, along with some other content from the older incarnations of my site. I'd want to do some work to update the code and remove dead links on all those pages, though.