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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Act 9:
Serenity - Princess

p. 138

Sailor Moon:
Tuxedo Mask...!?

p. 139

Tuxedo Mask:
Someone's calling me.
That long hair...
The one who always calls me in my dreams
is you?
...Sailor Moon?
Sailor Moon:
Tuxedo Mask!
Hold on! Open your eyes!
Tuxedo Mask:
You look so sad...
Why are you crying?
...That's right. This has happened before.

p. 140

Tuxedo Mask:
my name.
...I remember.
I was reborn
as Mamoru Chiba.
To meet you.
Sailor Moon:

p. 141

Sailor Moon:
Sailor Moon!?

p. 142

That crescent mark on her forehead...!
Princess Serenity!?

p. 143

Princess Serenity:
Tuxedo Mask's broken pocket watch
is now winding backwards.

p. 144

Princess Serenity:
It's turning back time...
Refreshing our memories.
...The sad past is quickly...
Sailor Mars:
I remember... We're...
Sailor Jupiter:
The Four Guardian God Soldiers who protect Princess Serenity...!
Sailor Mercury:
We were reborn to protect the princess, and to restore the lunar kingdom.
And our real princess is...

p. 145

p. 146-147

Princess Serenity:
...I remember.
...Tuxedo Mask...
My beloved
My memories are reviving quickly.
That blue planet is just like
the deep color of your eyes that seems to suck me in.
The blue planet that hides hope and possibility.

p. 148

Princess Serenity:
I used to love looking at the blue planet from the Moon.
on the blue planet.
The Earth Nation's first prince.
Stronger and more handsome than anyone.
I wanted to see him.
So I went down to Earth sometimes.

p. 149

Princess Serenity:
But we can't meet like this anymore.
Prince Endymion:
Princess Serenity:
Earth and Moon people shouldn't interact.
...It's the law of the gods.
...We can't fall in love.
...But it's too late.

p. 150

The Moon

The lunar kingdom will be ours!
I'll take the Mythical Silver Crystal!
Prince! Have you betrayed Earth!?
This is all for Earth's prosperity!
Prince Endymion:
Stop! Stop it! This battle is pointless!
Princess Serenity:

p. 151

Princess Serenity:
Princess Serenity:
...Answer me and open your eyes, okay?
...I remember.
Just when we finally met again after being reborn.
Is this fate? Endymion.
Tuxedo Mask!!
I still haven't told you anything about myself.

p. 152

Princess Serenity:
My beloved
and only...
Sailor V:
It's so bright! I can't see anything!?
It's an incredible power, and... we can't get near it...!!
What!? What's this bright light
in the middle of the night...!?

p. 153

Queen Beryl:
What is this light...!?

p. 154-155

Sailor Mercury:
...I can see! This light...!
Usagi-chan's tear crystallized... and it's glowing...!?
Queen Beryl:
My Black Crystal is going to explode!
This power...!
This abnormal power...!!
This white, powerful light... Could it be!?
Sailor V:
...Could it be the Mythical Silver Crystal?
The Mythical Silver Crystal!?

p. 156

Sailor Mercury:
That's... the Mythical Silver Crystal!?
It hurts...
It really hurts...
(cough cough)
My coughing... stopped...!?
It doesn't hurt...!?
This light...! Is it a supernova's explosion!? (I'm Umino.)
Earth is becoming active...!?
What's happening!?
It's no use!!
The barrier won't hold
any longer. Kugh...!!

p. 157

Queen Beryl!!
Queen Metallia:
Our empire and the surface's space have connected!? Did Queen Beryl connect them!?
Abnormal power
is flowing in from the surface.
This dark empire
is being flooded with holy light.
But how?
I'm filling with more and more power.
I can see.

p. 158

Queen Metallia:
This power. Is this the Mythical Silver Crystal!?
Jadeite!? Nephrite, Zoisite!? They've revived!?
...What is this light?
...We were asleep for a long time?
...Energy is flowing in.
...Why are we here?

p. 159

We should've been reborn on the surface,
looking for our Master...
Where is our Master?
Prince Endymion:
Why are you fighting?
Prince! We've been compliant for too long!
We can't put up with the lunar kingdom's ways!
Like how they just go and watch us!
Prince Endymion:
When have you had to be compliant!? Watching!?
Who put this in your heads?
That horrible
Don't you get it!? We're being used! By her!

p. 160

These memories!?
Memories of our past lives...?
...That's right.
We were reincarnated,
and we looked for our Master,
Prince Endymion-sama.
...But before we'd gotten our memories back.
Once again, we fell into her hands.
We sold
our bodies.
And so
our bodies were changed.

p. 161

...Zoisite! Nephrite, Jadeite...!
You've turned to stone...!? So it didn't hold...
Sailor Mercury:
The Mythical Silver Crystal...

p. 162

The light is gone!?
The tremor sounds in the ground are gone, too!
Queen Beryl:
Kunzite! Now! Take the princess and the Mythical Silver Crystal for our Dark Kingdom!
Sailor Mars:

p. 163

Princess Serenity:
Tuxedo Mask!!
Sailor Jupiter:
No! We're no match for them like this!
Let's retreat!

p. 164

Princess Serenity:
No! Let me go! Tuxedo Mask...!
Sailor Mercury:
Luna! Artemis! Can you hear me!?
We're transferring there. Help us!!
Princess Serenity:
He's gone!?
No...!! Tuxedo Mask...

p. 165

Crown Game Center

Sailor Venus:
...Sailor Moon.
...No, Princess Serenity.
...You remember, don't you?
...About me being Sailor Venus, too?

p. 166

Sailor Venus:
...And that I, Sailor Venus, am the real leader of the Four Guardian God Soldiers who protect the princess...
And about our kingdom... the Silver Millennium...
Princess Serenity:
...I remember.
Those happy times
before we were reborn.
When Earth was still just one nation, and the Moon was also one kingdom.

p. 167

Princess Serenity:
Eventually, there was a battle between Earth and the Moon.
We were happy back then.
And it was all destroyed.
now it's the same as back then.
I couldn't save him.
...To think that Tuxedo Mask was Endymion...!
I never thought this could happen...
Sailor Mars:
...Before we knew it, she made her way into Earth.
She manipulated people and tried to take everything.
The one that was after our kingdom... It must be her.

p. 168

Sailor Mercury:
That evil being...
...I've heard she's an incorporeal alien creature.
And a mass of darkness...
Sailor Venus:
I'm sure we sealed her away in the past!
But is there someone working for her that opened the seal again now!?
That woman...
Could she be the one that opened the seal...!?
And the one that runs the Dark Kingdom for her!?
We have to figure out the Dark Kingdom's location!
Sailor Jupiter:
Didn't Tuxedo Mask's body absorb a piece of the Mythical Silver Crystal?
If we don't do something, things could get very bad...
Princess Serenity:
...I still

p. 169

Princess Serenity:
...I still... can't believe it...
A crystal of my tears
turned into the Mythical Silver Crystal...
...It was shining so bright, but
now it's just a normal glass bead.
...It still feels
just a little warm.
...Just like
his warm... hands...

p. 170

Queen Beryl:
He has not woken up yet?
His heart is working normally.
He's weak, but
an unusual power is emanating from his body.
Queen Beryl:
But no matter how much we search his body, there's nothing resembling the Mythical Silver Crystal!? What does this mean!?
I'm sure his body absorbed a fragment of the Mythical Silver Crystal! Did it spread through his body or something? There's no reaction...!!
We have no use for a body without the
Mythical Silver Crystal.

p. 171

...A dream...!
(heavy breathing)
...I wonder how many times
...I've woken up crying
like this...
...Tuxedo Mask...!

p. 172

My eyes are red like a rabbit's.
My eyes are swollen all the way down, like Chinese manjuu. (...I've cried too much. sniffle)

(...What a face.)

Crown Game Center

...I've spent so much time here.
Princess Serenity's adviser, Luna.
I swore that I would never leave the princess's side at any time.
...Yet, for the first time, we've been so far apart...
I remember.
When the
lunar kingdom was destroyed,
Artemis and I were asleep for a long time.

p. 173

Eventually, I woke up
and I came down to Earth in this era.
My mission was to awaken "Usagi Tsukino,"
to raise her,
and to be by her side at all times.
My memories being sealed away
set up Sailor Venus as a dummy for the princess.
And we could also raise Usagi-chan as a soldier, Sailor Moon...
It was all to protect the princess
and the Mythical Silver Crystal
that slept in her body.
...It was a plan to deceive the enemy a bit longer.

p. 174

But Usagi-chan woke up under unforeseen circumstances...
...I should've trusted Usagi-chan more.
If I'd gotten my memories back sooner
and realized Tuxedo Mask was Endymion
...Usagi-chan could've lived without pain...
...I've made her feel sad...
...I'm a failure as Usagi-chan's partner.
As her partner,
you have to be with her.
...I'm sorry. This isn't like me.
You've been here all this time?
I've been looking around for the Dark Kingdom's location. But there are no clues at all...
How's Usagi-chan doing?

p. 175

Oh... Well.
...I'm sorry to worry you every day.

(Long time no see, Usagi's mama.)

Ma'am, how is Usagi-chan...?
It's been a week, and she hasn't been to school either...
...Yeah. I guess I have to make her go to school again.
She still hasn't set one foot out of her room...
She's barely eaten meals either.
I wonder if she's been through some huge shock.
I knew I hadn't seen Crescent Baldy in a while...
Maybe she came back because she's worried about Usagi.
Usagi's Room
Usagi-chan? Are you okay?

p. 176

It's me, Luna! Hey, open up.
Usagi-chan!? Your hair...!?

p. 177

After that, it just started growing a lot... (sniffle)
As the princess, your hair was so long.
(I bet we could make another bun.)
Maybe because I got my memories back so suddenly, my body got changed too.
I'm turning into the princess... It's like I won't be me anymore...
Hey, what happened to the Mythical Silver Crystal? You do have it?
Yeah, but
it still hasn't changed any...
Is this really the Mythical Silver Crystal?

p. 178

It's hard to believe this is the same thing that was shining so much...
Hey, didn't the insides of the Mythical Silver Crystal
fall out and get absorbed by Tuxedo Mask's body?
Maybe there's some kinda secret to that?
Tuxedo Mask!?
is he now!?
I have to beat the Dark Kingdom!
I'm gonna save him!
If I don't, his body will keep dissolving... No!

p. 179

Princess!! Get a hold of yourself!!
You have us.
We're here to help you, Usagi-chan!
We'll definitely rescue him together, right!?
...So please...! Don't cry so much...!
Cheer up some, okay?
...I'm the last successor
of the Silver Millennium royal family,
Princess Serenity.
...I have to get a hold of myself.

p. 180

...I have to save him...
I'm sure he's still alive...
...We have to figure out the Dark Kingdom's location.
...And the Mythical Silver Crystal's secret...
I don't get any of this. I don't know.
What do we do...
Let's go to the Moon.
To the place where our kingdom was!

p. 181

To unlock all of these secrets.
To the Moon!!

p. 182

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