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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Act 22:
Attack - Black Lady

p. 145

Sailor Moon:
A black crescent on her forehead.
The mark of the Black Moon.
The queen of Nemesis, Black Lady!?
Is this... really Chibi Usa!?
King Endymion:
This is her awakened form!?
Small Lady!?

p. 146

Sailor Moon:
Chibi Usa!? This isn't real, right!?
Do you know what you're saying!?
Luna P:
Pee pee
Small Lady!
Small Lady!
Black Lady:
Annoying toy.
Sailor Moon:
Chibi Usa!?
Sailor Mercury:
Luna P...!

p. 147

King Endymion:
Small Lady! Open your eyes!!
It's no use.
The Rabbit no longer exists.
The one here now is my dear Black Lady. Hehehe.
Sailor Moon:
Black Lady:
Prince Demand.
With these Supernatural Beast Hands I've inherited from Wiseman.

p. 148

Prince Demand:
And the power of my Evil Eye.
Take this.
Sailor Venus:
Sailor Moon:
Venus!? Jupiter!!

p. 149

Sailor Jupiter:
Chibi Usa! Stop it! Don't you know us!?
Sailor Venus:
This is your birth place! How can you start a battle like this in front of the palace...!?
Black Lady:
This place means nothing to me.
The second Evil Black Crystal megalith.
The Evil Black Crystal produces a distorted darkness
which is constantly expanding.
Sailor Moon:
The people are...

p. 150

Black Lady:
Everything is getting absorbed and then disappearing. Both people and buildings.
At a rate of decay hundreds of times greater than before.
This planet
is dying. (giggle giggle)
Sailor Moon:
Chibi Usa, you...
...No, Black Lady...! You launched that!? ...At your own planet...!
Black Lady:
I have what I want,
so I don't care what happens to this planet.

p. 151

Sailor Moon:
Tuxedo Mask!?
Black Lady:
He's mine.
I've been wanting him all to myself.
Mine alone.
Sailor Moon:
Black Lady:
Hurt her.

p. 152

Sailor Moon:
Mamo-chan!? Don't you see me!?
King Endymion:
Sailor Moon!!
Sailor Moon:
...He... hit me with the rod
born from
our power...

p. 153

Sailor Moon:
No way...
King Endymion:
Sailor Moon!?
Black Lady:
He can only hear me.
Come, Endymion.
All I need is him by my side.
Sailor Moon:
...That's the wrong way to love.

p. 154

Sailor Moon:
Open your eyes, Chibi Usa...!
I see it.
It's me, when I wanted Mamo-chan all to myself,
and I was jealous of Chibi Usa...
...I know you're just doing whatever you want.
You don't know what to do with your feelings,
so you're just losing control...
Chibi Usa...!
We're all awkward like that.
We really care about you. We need you.
Why do we have to fight like this!?
Sailor Pluto:
I adore you for being so well behaved.

p. 155

Black Lady:
Don't talk like you know!
As if you know anything about me!
Prince Demand!
Prince Demand:
There's love obtained by force.
That's one form of love, too.

p. 156

Sailor Venus:
Everyone! Get out of here!!

p. 157

Sailor Moon:
Evil Black Crystal!!
Black Lady:
Hehehe. The lunar kingdom's palace, this planet...
I hope all of it is swallowed by darkness.
My dear Black Lady.
Those who obtain great power can freely control the living world.

p. 158-159

That's what we learned from your clan.
The lunar kingdom people. Hehe.
Sailor Pluto:
...My heart is racing.
I've never felt so uneasy before...
What's happening through the door!?
I've been waiting here patiently...
Small Lady... are you safe!?
Sailor Moon!!

p. 160

Sailor Mars:
Look! The palace...
Sailor Mercury:
Sailor Moon!?
So you still oppose me.

p. 161

Everything precious to you is in my grasp.
I can crush them at any time.
If you want them back, give yourself to me,
along with the queen,
and the second
Mythical Silver Crystal!
Sailor Moon:
You think I'll hand them over!?
I'll defend them.
Both Neo Queen Serenity's palace and this planet!!

p. 162

Launch another
Evil Black Crystal.
Prince Demand:
If we do that,
the planet will...
I don't care.
We basically have the Mythical Silver Crystal and the queen now, so this planet has served its purpose.

p. 163

Prince Demand:
And have we served our purpose, too?
Black Lady:
Prince Demand!?
Prince Demand:
Wiseman, it's ironic that
the Evil Eye you gave me deflected your bizarre powers.
Thus I've kept a clear head.
Rubeus and Esmeraude were my comrades. We were together for years.
For their sake, I won't die in vain!
Black Lady:
Prince Demand:
Are you standing up to me, Saphir?

p. 164

Prince Demand:
You always kept quiet and followed me.
But not once did you ever wear Evil Black Crystal earrings.
That was the one sign of your resistance.
Forgive me, Saphir.
Die!! Wiseman!!

p. 165

Prince Demand:
is Wiseman's body...!?

p. 166

Black Lady:
His real body is over here.
Come forth! Wiseman!!

p. 167

Sailor Pluto:
The storm...
has stopped?
What's happening!?
I want to jump through the door right away.
I want to fight with the others!
But I'm
the solitary guardian of the Space-Time Door.
Moving from this spot is a taboo...
Queen Serenity:
You're the protector of the Space-Time Door.
The soldier who rules over time and space.
There are three taboos you must not commit.

p. 168

Queen Serenity:
The first:
Do not travel through time.
And the second:
Never leave this door that you must protect.
And the third...
Sailor Moon:
What is that...!?

p. 169

Sailor Moon:
Is that...!?
My name
is Wiseman.
Sailor Moon:
It's like the ground is rumbling. Where's his voice coming from...!?

p. 170

That body of mine is an afterimage from the past.
A corpse that drifted to
Nemesis and rotted long ago.
Much time passed, and my will
merged with Nemesis. We became one.
I am Nemesis.
This planet itself.
Prince Demand:
Nemesis is... conscious!?
This is Wiseman's true identity!?

p. 171

Sailor Moon:
Everything... is getting sucked in and disappearing...!!
Sailor Mercury:
Sailor Moon:
Jupiter!? Mercury!?
Guys!? Hold on!
Nemesis is getting closer.
The black distorted space is expanding...
This planet will turn into a true dead planet.

p. 172-173

Sailor Moon:
I have to stop it! Whatever it takes!!
Prince Demand:
Did someone named "Wiseman" ever exist at all!?
Were we just being toyed with!?
By that giant planet...
Does this mean that we little ones...
never meant anything to that planet?

p. 174

Sailor Mars:
Look... The palace...
It's getting brighter...
Sailor Venus:
...Is this Neo Queen Serenity's power...!?
The Mythical Silver Crystal's power is so strong...!
If so,
it's enough to draw out the power of Sailor Moon's past Mythical Silver Crystal,
which can't be used in the future...
No, this is
Sailor Moon's power.

p. 175

Sailor Jupiter:
The Crystal Palace...
Sailor Mercury:
It's getting crushed!
Sailor Moon!! Queen...!!
King Endymion:

p. 176

Black Lady:
Sailor Pluto:
Pluto... Please help the king.
(pant, pant)
Something terrible is happening.
Small Lady has awoken.
As queen of the Black Moon.
Nemesis has appeared, via an alternate space!
Sailor Moon and the others are already worn out from the battle.
They might not be able to defend Crystal Tokyo this time, or the planet.

p. 177

Sailor Pluto:
Yet I'm here in a place like this...
...I want to
fight along with them...!
I'll stay here as the guardian!
Sailor Pluto:
I don't have power like you, and I'm so tiny.
But I'm better than having no one here!
Go through the door, Pluto. When you wanna go, you've gotta go!

p. 178

Sailor Pluto:
You're just like Small Lady.
Thank you.
Pluto! Good luck!
King Endymion:
Prince Demand:
...Whenever I look at her, she's flowing with tremendous power.
This is the power of the Mythical Silver Crystal...

p. 179

Prince Demand:
Clear and beautiful power.
Piercing light
that crosses time.
Even if we used the Evil Black Crystal's power to rewrite history,
that white power will knock us down every time.
We can't beat it.
We can't surpass that power...
Black Lady:
Will this planet give out?
Or will you give out first, Sailor Moon?

p. 180

Black Lady:
The Evil Black Crystal has unbeatable power that twists space-time. I wonder how long can you hold out against it.
Sailor Moon:
Chibi Usa...!!
Sailor Jupiter:
Sailor Moon...!
Sailor Moon:
...I can't keep up...

p. 181

Sailor Moon:
...this power anymore...
Stop it, Black Lady!
If you want the Mythical Silver Crystal, you can have it, along with my life...
So please open your eyes.
Go back to being Chibi Usa!

p. 182

Sailor Moon:
I don't wanna see this future anymore!
Black Lady:
Sailor Moon:

p. 183


p. 184

Black Lady:
The two Mythical Silver Crystals
of the past and present...!

p. 185

Prince Demand:
I've got both the past
and present Mythical Silver Crystals!!
King Endymion:
Oh no!!
Sailor Pluto:
Can it be!? Is that
Small Lady!?
Prince Demand:
I no longer trust anyone.
Black Lady and Wiseman. You said the Evil Black Crystal has unbeatable power.

p. 186

Prince Demand:
But I wonder if it can beat the two Mythical Silver Crystals
of the past and present. Their power surpasses space-time.
King Endymion:
What do you plan to do with
two Mythical Silver Crystals...!?
Sailor Pluto:
If he lets them touch each other, this entire world will be destroyed!
Black Lady:
Give them back!!
Sailor Pluto:
Small Lady!!
Prince Demand:
I'll take all of you with me!

p. 187

p. 188

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