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ドラゴンボール 第4話
Dragon Ball 4

The Kidnapping Monster, Oolong

Episode Title Screen Episode Still Image
放送日 Original Air Date: 1986/03/19
脚本 Teleplay: 島田 満 Michiru Shimada
演出 Episode Director: 岡崎 稔 Minoru Okazaki
作画監督 Animation Director: 前田 実 Minoru Maeda
美術 Background Art: 池田祐二 Yuuji Ikeda


Gokuu soars through the air on the Somersault Cloud as Blooma rides on the road below him. She accidentally swerves off of a hill and crashes, crying as Gokuu comes down to check on her. Gokuu then notices one of their Dragon Balls is glowing, meaning they must be very close to another one. They soon spot a village just up the road and begin heading towards it. However, once inside, it appears deserted, although the Dragon Radar confirms a Dragon Ball is definitely here. Gokuu also admits that he senses people in this village. Blooma tries yelling out, but the village remains silent. Gokuu decides to prove his theory true by knocking on a door, but there is no answer. He then punches through the doorknob and opens the door, only to have someone hit him over the head with an axe. The axe shatters on impact, but Gokuu is angry nonetheless. The man who hit him begins apologizing to "Oolong-sama," pleading for him to take anything but his daughter. Blooma and Gokuu then express their confusion.

The other villagers soon come to the house as the man's daughter treats the bump on Gokuu's head. Blooma begins scolding the man for his carelessness, while Gokuu pat-pats the man's daughter's crotch, exclaiming that she is female. Blooma whacks him over the head for it, and then asks the man to tell them about this Oolong. He explains that Oolong is a horrible shape-shifting monster, and yesterday, Oolong came and said he would be back today at noon to take his daughter for a bride. Oolong is quite a pervert, and has run off with some of the other village daughters previously. If they don't do as Oolong says, he'll eat everyone in the village.

Blooma thinks, and then pulls out one of her Dragon Balls, asking the man if he has one of these. He does not, but an old woman called Baozi says she has one like that, showing Blooma the ball with six stars, or the Liu Xing Qiu. Blooma declares that if she gives that ball to them, they'll get rid of the monster called Oolong. The old woman objects, doubting that Blooma could do it. But Blooma says it won't be her; it will be...Gokuu, who is now pat-patting the old woman, and notes that she is also female. After yelling at him, Blooma says she has a great plan that will also allow them to find the girls who were previously taken. Borrowing the man's daughter's clothes, Gokuu (much to his annoyance) is now dressed up as a decoy girl to lead them to Oolong's hideout. But Oolong is now approaching, so Blooma yells for everyone to hide, and leave it to "us." But by "us" she meant Gokuu as she herself also hides.

Oolong arrives in the form of an oni in a suit, where he finds only the disguised Gokuu in the street waiting for him. As Oolong tries to reassure "her" that he is actually quite gentle, Gokuu starts shaking (because he has to pee). Oolong assumes "she" is scared, and decides to transform into a more pleasant-looking form for this nervous girl. Now Oolong is a handsome young human man, which attracts the attention of Blooma, who steps outside to greet him. She proudly admits her age (16) and bust size (85) as she drools over the man. Oolong fantasizes about the great pafupafu he could have with a bust like that, but is hesitant to take a girl older than himself instead of the younger one. As he considers his options, he notices Gokuu urinating, and curiously investigates how a young girl could do so standing up. Oolong does not like the answer he finds, so he angrily transforms into a large bull. Blooma suddenly returns to her senses and rushes back into the house, where she yells to Gokuu that there's a change in plans: beat Oolong up, but don't kill him. Gokuu gladly removes the dress as he and Oolong then prepare to fight.

Oolong tells Gokuu to bring out the real girl, insisting that he is very scary and strong, but Gokuu is simply bored of all the talking and wants to fight. As Oolong finally decides to begin the fight, he looks at a clock, and suddenly runs out of the village, yelling to hold on a minute. Gokuu runs after him, only to find a small, anthropomorphic pig outside of the village. Gokuu asks him if he's seen a bull, so the pig points to his left, and Gokuu runs off in that direction. However, the pig admits that he is actually Oolong's true form. A narration scene reveals the mystery of Oolong: the time of Oolong's transformation is only five minutes. (Within those five minutes, he can transform as many times as he wants.) And then, for him to transform again, he must take a one minute rest.

Gokuu returns to the village and says that Oolong is nowhere to be found. But Oolong looks at his watch, and notes that a whole minute has now passed, so he can transform again. This time, though, Oolong enters the village as a large, armored robot, equipped with chopsticks and a bowl of soup. He challenges Gokuu again, declaring that he will put Gokuu into this soup and eat him. However, he accidentally sticks his thumb into the soup and burns himself, which he blames Gokuu for. A little boy then shoots Oolong in the back of the head with a slingshot, which causes Oolong to scream in agony as a woman quickly takes the boy away. Gokuu begins to think Oolong is actually quite weak, which Oolong promptly denies. But now Oolong wants to know how strong Gokuu is, laying out some bricks for the boy to smash with one hand. Instead, Gokuu uses one finger, causing Oolong to transform into a bat and fly away.

Blooma yells at Gokuu to go catch Oolong, so Gokuu calls for the Somersault Cloud, and then flies after him. Oolong notices Gokuu chasing him and decides to change into a rocket to gain even more speed. But Gokuu still maintains a steady chase, until the five minutes run out and Oolong is forced to change back into a pig. Gokuu catches him and promptly takes him back to the village, where he is tied up and held on a leash. The villagers want the girls back now, so Oolong humbly leads everyone to his house. Said house is rather large and fancy. The girls' parents rush in, only to find their daughters relaxing and living the life of luxury. Oolong explains that he wanted a nice girl, and he's glad to get rid of these fussy, extravagant ones. The old woman, Baozi, then hands Blooma the Liu Xing Qiu.


This episode includes the events from the final page of Chapter 4, all of Chapter 5, and most of Chapter 6. All of these chapters were first printed approximately 14 months before this episode first aired. There is almost no anime-original material in this episode, aside from a short scene at the beginning in which Blooma crashes her motorcycle.


There are also numerous other villagers.


The events of this episode take place primarily in a village labeled "Aru Village" and its surrounding wilderness, along with a scene at Oolong's house.

This episode takes place during Age 749, three days after the events of the previous episode.


Home Video

This episode was first released on DVD in the limited edition Dragon Ball Dragon Box on July 7th, 2004. It was again released in single disc format on April 4th, 2007 as part of Dragon Ball #1.


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