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Chapter 4

The Turtle Hermit's Somersault Cloud

Author: 鳥山明 Akira Toriyama
Weekly Jump Issue: 1985 #3·4
Pages: 14
Color Pages: Yes
Tankoubon: 1
Kanzenban: 1


The flashy old man introduces himself as the Turtle Hermit, and asks who saved his turtle. The turtle says it was the young lad, so the Turtle Hermit offers to give Gokuu a present. He attempts to summon a Phoenix...but nothing comes. The turtle reminds the Turtle Hermit that the Phoenix died from food poisoning, so the Turtle Hermit decides he'll have to give the boy the "Somersault Cloud" instead. A small cloud then flies over to the group. Gokuu wonders how to eat it, but the Turtle Hermit explains that this is a cloud you can ride on to fly freely through the air. The Turtle Hermit then tells Gokuu that one needs a pure heart to be able to ride on the Somersault Cloud, which he decides to demonstrate personally. However, he falls straight through the cloud and lands on the ground. Gokuu, on the other hand, has no trouble, landing safely on top of the Somersault Cloud. Excited, Gokuu then begins testing it out by flying all through the air. Blooma now wants a cloud of her own, but the Turtle Hermit does not have another Somersault Cloud. He says that he could give her something else instead, provided that...he gets a look at her panties.

Blooma is awfully nervous about the prospect, while the turtle quickly begins yelling at the Turtle Hermit, now realizing why the old man can't ride the Somersault Cloud. Nonetheless, Blooma flashes the Turtle Hermit, who gets a more revealing view than he originally anticipated due to her lack of underwear. Blooma wants her end of the bargain now, but the Turtle Hermit has not yet decided on what he could offer her. As he continues thinking about it, Blooma finally notices the Dragon Ball hanging from his neck. The Turtle Hermit then hands it to her, explaining that he found it at the bottom of the ocean a hundred years ago and made it into a necklace. Blooma excitedly calls Gokuu down from the sky, showing him that she now has another Dragon Ball, which he notes has three stars, making it the San Xing Qiu. The Turtle Hermit does not know what these Dragon Ball things are, but since it was obviously valuable to them, he wants another flashing before he'll hand it over. Thus, Blooma nonchalantly shows him again, so he relents. The group then parts ways, with Blooma on her motorcycle and Gokuu on the Somersault Cloud riding down a road together until they reach their capsule house.

Blooma heads inside to change her clothes, and then she screams. Gokuu runs in, finding Blooma wondering why her underwear is here. She realizes that this means she "didn't have them" when she flashed the Turtle Hermit. Gokuu incorrectly assumes that she was referring to a lack of male genitalia, attempting to reassure her about it. Blooma then asks him if he was the one who took her underwear, which Gokuu admits, causing her to begin firing at him with a machine gun. Having changed her clothes, Blooma puts the house back in its capsule as Gokuu rubs his head from the gunshots. Blooma then wants to try riding on the Somersault Cloud, though Gokuu doubts she'll be able to. His doubts are proven correct when she falls through, just as the Turtle Hermit had, but Blooma simply believes the reason to be that being too beautiful must be a crime. The duo then begins traveling down a road heading west, and after three days, they come to a seemingly deserted village which may contain the fifth Dragon Ball, according to the Dragon Radar. However, Gokuu admits to sensing people in this village.


The events of this chapter are mostly depicted in Dragon Ball 3, except for the final page, which is depicted in Dragon Ball 4. Both of these episodes first aired approximately 14 months after this chapter was first published. The former features anime-original scenes involving Pilaf, while the latter simply includes the addition of a short scene in which Gokuu and Blooma argue.

This chapter also references the scene in which Gokuu removes Blooma's panties in Chapter 2.



The events of this chapter take place primarily on an ocean shore, some distance north of the island with Kame House. There is also a scene in the wilderness, at the location of the capsule house that was set up in Chapter 2, and a scene in an unnamed village.

This chapter takes place during Age 749, immediately after the events of the previous chapter. A three day time skip then takes place at the very end of this chapter.



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