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ドラゴンボール 第14話
Dragon Ball 14


Gokuu's Rival? Here He Is!!

Episode Title Screen Episode Still Image
放送日 Original Air Date: 1986/05/28
脚本 Teleplay: 照井啓司 Keiji Terui
演出 Episode Director: 竹之内和久 Kazuhisa Takenouchi
作画監督 Animation Director: 青嶋克己 Katsumi Aoshima
美術 Background Art: 伊藤岩光 Iwamitsu Itou


Gokuu continues riding on the Somersault Cloud until he reaches his home, where he changes clothes and packs a few things. He's hungry, but he figures the Turtle Hermit will probably have food. Meanwhile, Yamcha's plane crashes in a jungle, but he, Blooma, Puer, and Oolong luckily all survive. That was the last of Yamcha's capsules, so they are uncertain as to what they'll do next as the noises of the jungle creatures begin to worry them. Yamcha notes that one noise sounds like a human's voice, but Blooma does not want to find out either way and leads the group in running off. Unbeknownst to them, it really was the voice of a small, bald human boy, who charges through the jungle knocking down small trees.

On Kintoun, Gokuu flies through all sorts of wilderness until he finally arrives at Kame House, but the Turtle Hermit is too busy watching a workout show to notice. Gokuu yells directly into his ear, and then tells him he's here to train. But the Turtle Hermit shoos Gokuu away and points him to the refrigerator. Gokuu is confused by this weird, cold box as he begins chowing down. The workout show ends, so the Turtle Hermit goes into the kitchen, where he finds that Gokuu has eaten all of his food, including the butter. He asks Gokuu why he came, so Gokuu explains that they're done finding Dragon Balls, so now he wants to train, as promised. The Turtle Hermit wants to know if he brought that pafupafu girl, and is disappointed when he hears that she went home to the city.

Speaking of Blooma, her group is now trekking through a desert, very exhausted. Oolong complains about the distance, but a confused Blooma says they should have reached the city by now. Oolong asks what direction the city is in, so Blooma tells him it's just to the north. A curious Yamcha asks Puer to turn into a compass. The compass says they've been walking south the entire time. Yamcha tends to Blooma's injured ankle as Oolong notices something in the distance making sand fly through the air. Yamcha believes it to be a sandstorm, but in actuality, it's the boy from the jungle again, dashing across the desert this time.

The Turtle Hermit pours himself a beer and explains that his training isn't easy. Gokuu says he wants to get stronger than the old man, which they both laugh about. The Turtle Hermit won't start training Gokuu unless he brings him a "pichipichi gal," which he clarifies is a cute girl. As Gokuu hops on the Somersault Cloud and prepares to fly off in search of such a girl, the Turtle Hermit wants to be sure he knows what a pichipichi girl is. He explains that he wants a healthy girl, and not a kid or an old woman. Then Gokuu finally takes off. The Turtle Hermit starts to get dressed up for the girl, and brings out the champagne and turns on some music. Time passes, and Gokuu eventually returns. The Turtle Hermit excitedly runs outside to see that the girl Gokuu has brought back is a huge, fat girl in a jumpsuit with dumbbells. Gokuu says she's healthy.

The mystery boy now boards a small boat and begins rowing across the sea. The Turtle Hermit then decides to test Gokuu, to see if he knows the right kind of gal, by holding up a picture of one attractive woman and one homely woman and asking Gokuu which one is better looking. Gokuu cannot decide, so the Turtle Hermit explains that the attractive one is what he wants. Gokuu still doesn't understand, but leaves again to look for a girl like that. The Turtle Hermit hides behind the house, in case Gokuu brings back another weirdo.

Gokuu returns again, this time with a very cute girl sitting on the Somersault Cloud. The Turtle Hermit spots her and gets excited, and then calls Gokuu aside. The Turtle Hermit tells him he did great, so he'll begin the training right away. First, Gokuu must go get that gal's panties. Gokuu doesn't know what that is, but goes anyway, and comes back and asks what a "shirt" is. The Turtle Hermit thinks he blew it, but Gokuu explains that she said her one shirt is all that she has on, and no "panties." After the Turtle Hermit wipes away his nosebleed, he decides he'll go over there himself and teach by example. The Turtle Hermit nervously greets her, but falls down when he sees she's a mermaid. That doesn't stop him from asking to play with her breasts, but she punches him and then hops into the ocean and swims away. Gokuu gets it now: panchii ("panties") means panchi ("punch"). The Turtle Hermit does not deny this.

Now the Turtle Hermit wants Gokuu to go look for a girl again, but this time it must be one that isn't half fish. The Turtle Hermit thinks about the fact that the fussy turtle is off traveling, so he mustn't let this rare chance slip away. Then Gokuu spots something, which the Turtle Hermit worries may be the turtle. But it's just a boat with the small bald boy in it. The boy jumps up from his boat all the way over to the island, flipping a few times mid-air, and lands in the sand head-first. After Gokuu pulls him out, the bald boy asks the old man if he is the Almighty Fighting Master. The boy explains that he came from a village in the far east, and his name is Kuririn. He wishes to train under the Almighty Fighting Master. The Turtle Hermit is reluctant to train him, but he reconsiders once Kuririn pulls a dirty magazine out of his bag.

Kuririn then looks at Gokuu and asks if he's a student. Gokuu confirms this, and comments that Kuririn's head looks like a pachinko ball. Kuririn yells that aspiring martial artists all shave their heads, pointing at the Turtle Hermit as an example. But the old man peeks up from his magazine and says it's just natural baldness. The Turtle Hermit then asks Kuririn if he knows what kind of gals he likes, offering to train Kuririn if he can help find such a gal. He then tells Kuririn to get on the Somersault Cloud with Gokuu. Kuririn wonders about this cloud, and then jumps up, but falls straight through it. The Turtle Hermit thinks he must have impure intentions for training here, but Kuririn insists that he simply wants to get stronger so he'll be more popular with girls. The Turtle Hermit says that could be considered impure, but Kuririn manages to regain his favor by offering more dirty magazines.


This episode includes all the events of Chapter 24 and Chapter 25. These chapters were first printed approximately 12 months before this episode first aired. Anime-original material includes scenes involving Blooma, Yamcha, Puer, and Oolong attempting to go to the city, as well as additional scenes with Kuririn.

In this episode, Gokuu finally accepts the Turtle Hermit's training offer from Dragon Ball 8.


Mr. Yanami goes back to being credited as "Narration" instead of "Narrator" in this episode. There is also an aerobics woman whose voice is uncredited, and the sea turtle appears in a thought bubble, but does not speak.


The events of this episode take place primarily at Kame House, along with its island and surrounding ocean. There is a brief scene at Mount Baozi and Grandpa Gohan's house, as well as scenes at an unspecified jungle, and a desert some distance south of the Western Capital.

This episode takes place during Age 749, shortly after the events of the previous episode.


Home Video

This episode was first released on DVD in the limited edition Dragon Ball Dragon Box on July 7th, 2004. It was again released in single disc format on April 4th, 2007 as part of Dragon Ball #3.


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