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Chapter 13

The Turtle Hermit's Banana Fan

Author: 鳥山明 Akira Toriyama
Weekly Jump Issue: 1985 #13
Pages: 12
Color Pages: No
Tankoubon: 2
Kanzenban: 1


Gokuu admits his fondness for the Somersault Cloud, which the Turtle Hermit says is only natural, since it was a gift from God. The Turtle Hermit then notices Chichi, asking Gokuu if the girl shrunk, because she had much bigger breasts before. But Gokuu explains to him that this is a different girl: the Bull Demon King's child, Chichi. The Turtle Hermit ponders the various meanings of her name as Chichi asks Gokuu if this is really the Almighty Fighting Master. Chichi decides to test him, so she throws her helmet blade at him to see if he'll dodge. The old man does turn around to avoid it with his staff, but the blade slices off the tip of the staff and goes right into his head. Chichi decides that he can't be the Almighty Fighting Master, until he pulls out his driver's license to prove his identity. Chichi realizes her mistake and pulls the blade out of his head.

With his head now bandaged, the Turtle Hermit asks why they came, so Gokuu asks about the Banana Fan. The Turtle Hermit explains that fanning it once will cause strong winds, fanning it twice will summon storm clouds, and fanning it three times will bring down powerful rain. Chichi asks him to let them borrow it to put out the fire on Mount Frypan. The Turtle Hermit has heard rumors about that situation, and is certain that the Banana Fan could indeed put that fire out. He will lend it to them, but under certain conditions.

The Turtle Hermit takes Gokuu aside and says that he'll let them have the fan, provided he can poke Blooma's breasts. The sea turtle scolds him for such a request, but the Turtle Hermit says that he deserves such things, as a dying old man. The sea turtle denies this claim by citing the fact that the Turtle Hermit once drank an immortality potion. Gokuu, however, sees no problem with this request, so the Turtle Hermit goes inside to search for the fan. But he cannot find it, and the sea turtle reminds him that he had used it as a pot holder. The Turtle Hermit then remembers that he spilled wonton soup on it and threw it out.

Chichi begins to cry, but the Turtle Hermit announces that he'll instead go to Mount Frypan and put out the fire personally. He changes his clothes, and then calls for Baby Gamera, since he cannot ride the Somersault Cloud. A small turtle flies spinning to the island, which the Turtle Hermit hops onto and uses to fly, still spinning. At Mount Frypan, Gokuu and Chichi have arrived first, where they explain to the Bull Demon King that the fan is gone, but the Turtle Hermit is coming to extinguish the fire himself. When the Turtle Hermit finally arrives, the first thing he does is vomit from dizziness, causing Chichi to doubt that this will work.


The events of this chapter are depicted in Dragon Ball 8. This episode first aired approximately 13 months after this chapter was first published. It contains almost no anime-original material.



The events of this chapter take place primarily on the island outside of Kame House, with a final scene at the base of Mount Frypan.

This chapter takes place during Age 749, immediately after the events of the previous chapter.



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