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Chapter 12

Visiting the Turtle Hermit

Author: 鳥山明 Akira Toriyama
Weekly Jump Issue: 1985 #12
Pages: 14
Color Pages: No
Tankoubon: 2
Kanzenban: 1


The Bull Demon King asks Gokuu where the Almighty Fighting Master is currently residing. Blooma says it's probably somewhere in the ocean off the coast of that beach. The Bull Demon King dances around excitedly, proclaiming he'll be able to go back to his castle, until he spots Gokuu's Compliance Staff. Gokuu explains that he got it from his grandpa, so the Bull Demon King asks if his grandfather is SON Gohan, which Gokuu confirms. The Bull Demon King is happy to meet Gohan's grandson, while Yamcha, watching in secret, notes that the boy has befriended the Bull Demon King after all. The Bull Demon King explains that Gohan was the Almighty Fighting Master's #1 student, while he was #2. Blooma is shocked to hear that the perverted Turtle Hermit is such an amazing person.

The Bull Demon King now has a favor to ask of Gokuu. He explains that the Banana Fan, which the Almighty Fighting Master is said to possess, can put out the mountain's fire. Thus, he wants Gokuu to take the Somersault Cloud and go ask to borrow it. Gokuu asks him for a Dragon Ball in turn, showing the Bull Demon King his Si Xing Qiu. The Bull Demon King admits that he has seen one of those before, and will happily give it to Gokuu afterward. This makes Blooma and Oolong happy, while Yamcha gets his first viewing of a Dragon Ball. Gokuu then prepares to leave on the Somersault Cloud, but the Bull Demon King asks him to wait. He explains that he had sent his only daughter, Chichi, off to find the Almighty Fighting Master yesterday, so he would like Gokuu to find her on the way and bring her along. The Bull Demon King also says that if he does that, Gokuu can have Chichi as a bride. The Bull Demon King takes out a photograph of her, which Yamcha instantly recognizes as the girl he had knocked out earlier.

Yamcha and Puer immediately hop into their car and speed back to the girl. When Chichi wakes up and sees him, she prepares to use her helmet beam on him. But Yamcha quickly tells "Chichi-sama" to wait, causing her to wonder why he knows her name. Yamcha says that he's sorry about knocking her out, and that he loves her, which embarrasses Chichi. As she turns her back and blushes, Yamcha notices Gokuu approaching and quickly runs away. Gokuu then arrives and asks if she's Chichi. Chichi presumes that since this new boy also knows her name, he must also be in love with her. But Gokuu simply reiterates what the Bull Demon King said about the Banana Fan, and then asks her to get onto the Somersault Cloud. She wonders how to ride this cotton candy thing, so Gokuu recalls that her heart must be clean. Chichi says that her heart is as clean as a flush toilet. She pulls on Gokuu's tail for leverage to climb up onto the cloud, which causes him to fall off in pain. Gokuu explains that grabbing his tail makes him weak, which Yamcha is quite pleased to overhear. Gokuu and Chichi then fly off. Yamcha tells Puer that they'll wait here for them to get the sixth Dragon Ball, and then follow again on the way to the seventh. Puer suggests visiting a dentist in the meantime, causing Yamcha to curse Gokuu because he hates dentists.

The Somersault Cloud flies over the desert, where Gokuu decides to pat-pat Chichi with his foot, and notes that she is female. Chichi screams and knocks him off the cloud, but she and the Somersault Cloud then crash into a rock formation. Once they're both on the Somersault Cloud again, Chichi thinks that she must now become his bride after having been kicked "there." Eventually, they reach the vast ocean, where Gokuu decides to ask a dolphin the way to the house. The dolphin happily points them in the right direction, and the Turtle Hermit is pleasantly surprised to see this boy again.


The events of this chapter are depicted in Dragon Ball 7. This episode first aired approximately 13 months after this chapter was first published. It includes a handful of additional scenes, and an omission of some important dialogue.



The events of this chapter begin at or around Mount Frypan. One scene takes place at a desert that is more than likely the desert from Chapters 7-10. Another scene takes place over an ocean that is south of the beach from Chapters 3-4. Finally, there is a scene at Kame House, which is also south of that beach.

This chapter takes place during Age 749, immediately after the events of the previous chapter.



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