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Chapter 145

Mutenroushi no Kesshin

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #45
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 13
Kanzenban: 10


Pilaf informs Piccolo that the other party's five balls are headed this way, and Piccolo is pleased to hear it. Meanwhile, Kamesennin also notices that the other two balls are headed their way. Kamesennin insists they won't win fighting, so, they'll steal the other two balls. And, once they're all seven together, they'll call Shenlong and say, "Please erase Piccolo Daimaou from this world."

Gokuu and Yajirobe continue towards Karin Tower, with Gokuu complimenting Yajirobe's car. Yajirobe then gets serious, and tells Gokuu how even though he twice beat Piccolo's henchman, Piccolo himself is too much. Yajirobe tells how he's heard that long ago, Piccolo was a real terror to the world. Gokuu asks how a dude like that was defeated, but Yajirobe doesn't know. Then Yajirobe asks Gokuu what happens when you gather all seven of those Dragon Balls things, so Gokuu tells him about Shenlong and wishes and stuff.

Piccolo laughs about his wish, as the three good guys land the little plane in a field full of random rock formation things. They disembark and put the plane in its capsule, then Kamesennin punches a hole in the ground. He tells Chaozu to put the balls in there and bury them so they won't be found. Then Kamesennin explains the plan: Chaozu hides behind that random rock formation thing, while he and Tenshinhan go steal the other two balls. Then they'll throw the two balls over to the hiding spot with their five, and Shenlong will come out. Finally, they'll say, "Come out, Dragon," and quickly make the wish.

Kamesennin looks at the Radar, and sees Piccolo's coming, so they three get ready. Pilaf says they're nearing the other balls' location, and Piccolo realizes they're being waited out. Tenshinhan and Kamesennin are hiding under a random rock formation thing, and Tenshinhan spots the airship headed this way, thinking it's a bit more complicated stealing them from the airship. Mai informs Piccolo that they're just above the Dragon Balls, and so the bad guys all look down over the area. Piccolo says they're hiding, and then he swallows his two Dragon Balls, so that the other party can't can't take it from him short of killing him.

Tenshinhan and Kamesennin see this, and realize they'll have to fight after all. But Kamesennin says he'll fight alone, without Tenshinhan, since he drank an eternal youth potion and won't die. Tenshinhan objects, so Kamesennin sprays him in the face with some stuff, immoblizing Tenshinhan. Then Kamesennin says the eternal youth potion jazz was a lie; he just wants someone around to defeat Piccolo if he and Gokuu are both dead, and Tenshinhan should train until he's strong enough to do so. Kamesennin yells at Chaozu about a change in plans, then steps out into the open and calls out Piccolo. Piccolo hops down from the airship, and Kamesennin points out the spot where the Dragon Balls are buried ("you can have them if you defeat me"). Piccolo likes this old man, as a scared Chaozu and an immobile Tenshinhan watch on.








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