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Chapter 36

First Match

Author: 鳥山明 Akira Toriyama
Weekly Jump Issue: 1985 #36
Pages: 14
Color Pages: No
Tankoubon: 3
Kanzenban: 3


The first match, between Kuririn and Bacterian, will begin soon. The announcer explains that there will be a 500,000 Zenii prize for the winner. But before the match begins, they'll have a greeting from the head priest of the Martial Arts Temple. A dog person comes out, takes the microphone, says "Woof," and then leaves. After everyone in the crowd falls over, the announcer says it's now time for the first match and calls out the two contestants. While holding a rag to his nose, the announcer explains that Kuririn is the youngest competitor at age 13, and that Bacterian has never bathed since birth. In the crowd, Blooma wonders where the Turtle Hermit is during his student's match. Then the announcer goes over the rules again (matches have no time limit, and falling from the fighting stage, being down for a 10 count, or saying you give up is a loss) before he finally calls for the match to begin.

A gong is rung as Bacterian and Kuririn stare each other down. Bacterian then swipes at Kuririn, but Kuririn jumps out of the way. In response, Bacterian changes his strategy, breathing some of his nasty breath on Kuririn. As Kuririn reels from the horrible stench, Bacterian puts his hand down his shorts, then shoves his crotch-scented finger in Kuririn's face. This causes Kuririn to fall down in disgust. The announcer is now wearing a gas mask, as is another official who has started counting down.

Bacterian prepares to finish things by farting in Kuririn's face. He then steps on the boy as everyone watches on in shock. When the count reaches 8, Gokuu tells Kuririn the smell is all in his imagination, reminding Kuririn he doesn't have a nose. So Kuririn gets back up just before 10. Bacterian is annoyed that Kuririn has no nose, but says stench is not his only weapon. After some preparation, he starts spitting at Kuririn. But Kuririn avoids all of it and then kicks Bacterian in the face, knocking him down. While the big man is down, Kuririn runs over and farts in his face. Bacterian concedes, giving Kuririn the win. The announcer notes that even Bacterian is not immune to foul odors from other people.


The events of this chapter are depicted in Dragon Ball 21. This episode first aired approximately 11 months after this chapter was first published. Anime-original material includes extensions to the Bacterian fight, and other minor additions and alterations.


There are also numerous other people, including spectators and Martial Arts Fest officials.


The events of this chapter take place at the World's Best Martial Arts Fest grounds, primarily at the Fighting Stage and the area surrounding it, but with a brief scene inside the waiting room as well.

This chapter takes place during Age 750, immediately after the events of the previous chapter.



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