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Chapter 65

Buyon Kouryakuhou

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #15
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 6
Kanzenban: 5


Gokuu's really worried, and then White calls out that he'll give him another chance to give up the Dragon Ball and the Radar, but Gokuu still refuses. White tells Buyon to kill them, and he rolls his tongue out again, this time grabbing Hatchan. But Gokuu runs over and kicks Hatchan free just in the nick of time. This time, Gokuu flies straight at Buyon with a headbutt, but he just gets bounced back face first into the wall again. Gokuu's at a loss, and tries to think of what to do again. He suddenly remembers Sno explaining what it means to be frozen, and then declares his victory.

Gokuu confidently walks over to the wall, then punches a hole in it, letting the cold in. Gokuu quickly runs away shivering, and hops into Hatchan's jacket. Gokuu hides in there for a while as the cold blows in, until Buyon is frozen solid. Then Gokuu hops out of Hatchan's jacket and runs over and kicks the frozen Buyon, and runs back into Hatchan's jacket as Buyon shatters. Gokuu hops out of his jacket again, and then jumps straight up through the ceiling, into the sixth floor. White can't believe this. Gokuu pulls out his bou and makes it extend down the hole so Hatchan can grab onto it, then makes it retract to pull Hatchan up. White fires at Gokuu with a revolver as it retracts, and they're direct hits. But the shots just make Gokuu mad, and he tells the worried White how much they hurt. "Well, give back the village elder!!! If you don't want me to knock you out!!!"








  1. Incomplete
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