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Chapter 66

Massuru Tawaa no Saigo!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #16
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 6
Kanzenban: 5


Gokuu keeps demanding White return the elder, and so White takes off his sweater and prepares to fight. White swings at Gokuu, but Gokuu ducks it and lightly kicks White in the shin. It hurts, and White's mad now. White does the old "look over there" thing, and socks Gokuu in the gut while his head is turned. It doesn't much bother Gokuu, though, and Gokuu decides to show him a real punch. And White bounces off the ceiling and lands behind his control desk. While back there, White spots his Powered Gun, and smirks. White stands up and admits defeat, then goes into the next room and lets the elder free. Gokuu tells the elder that he and Hatchan over there saved him, and he beat up all of this bad guy's friends. Then White pulls the Powered Gun out of his back pocket and puts it to the elder's head, and Hatchan begs him to stop. Gokuu says that's dirty, and White laughs at his misfortune. Then, the elder suddenly shouts out that he doesn't mind dying; just beat this guy up and bring peace to the village. Gokuu decides to do just that, but the elder says, "B-but... If you could, I'd be happy if you could rescue me as well..."

White tells Gokuu to turn around, and so Gokuu does just that. White then fires off the Powered Gun, hitting Gokuu in the back of the head, and knocking him out. (The Powered Gun shoots off more of a blast than a bullet, and a really powerful blast at that.) Hatchan screams "SONGOKUU!!!!" as White laughs with glee. White prepares to fire off a finishing shot at Gokuu, but Hatchan runs in the way and takes the shot himself, unaffected. Hatchan's really pissed now, and he puts his anti-violence policies aside to punch White straight through the tower wall, way out into the snow. Hatchan picks up Gokuu, who's sore, but not dead, and explains how he wasn't really hurt by the shot since he's an Artificial Human. Gokuu, Hatchan, and the village elder all head down to the base of the tower back toward the village, with Gokuu complimenting Hatchan's strength on the way down. (Gokuu's in Hatchan's jacket again to stay warm, and really worn out.) As they come outside, Gokuu says he's hungry, and they all laugh as they tread though the snow.








  1. Incomplete
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