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Chapter 109

Pirafu Ichimi no Saichousen

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #9
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 10
Kanzenban: 8


Gokuu says he's leaving, and then calls for Kintoun, and asks Upa to hold onto those Dragon Balls before he leaves. Blooma thinks it's suspicious that the ball's not showing up on the Radar even though it should be in the car. Meanwhile, in the Mercedes, Pilaf reminds Mai and Shuu of the plan. Pilaf thinks of how he'll rule the world, and then Shuu asks him what he'll do when he rules the world. Pilaf thinks a minute, and then yells at him that it's a secret. Then Gokuu spots the car, and hops down onto the roof, then peeks down through the windshield, and the car ends up swerving off the road, and Gokuu falls off.

Then Gokuu recognizes them, and Pilaf decides they'll just go on with the plan. The three of them get out of the car, and Gokuu thinks they're probably planning to do something bad, so they should hand over the Dragon Balls. Pilaf laughs, and then tells Gokuu that if he wins, he'll get their Dragon Ball. But if they win, Gokuu has to give up his six balls. Gokuu wonders how they knows about his six balls, and Pilaf says he's a genius. Gokuu agrees to it, after they promise, and then the three of them toss out some capsules. Out pops three goofy mechas, and they each hop inside one.

Pilaf Machine is what these are called. Pilaf is in a small round one, Mai in a big fat one, and Shuu is in a tall one with long legs and a tiny upper body. Gokuu's ready to fight, and Pilaf says he must want to die, talking about how he, Pilaf-sama, came up with the genius design. Then he tells Mai to go get him, and she stalls a bit. Gokuu gets tired of waiting, and flies over and jump kicks Pilaf's robot into a random mountain thing.








  1. Incomplete
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