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Chapter 143

Son Gokuu Tai Pikkoro Daimaou

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #43
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 12
Kanzenban: 10


Gokuu jumps up and punches Piccolo in the face, surprising Piccolo with his speed, and knocking Piccolo back a bit. Gokuu kicks off the ground and comes at Piccolo again, so Piccolo holds his hand out. So, Gokuu stops and grabs onto Piccolo's arm with his tail, then swings up to punch Piccolo in the face. But Piccolo catches Gokuu with the other arm, and knocks him into the ground. Gokuu just touches the ground with his hands, and pushes himself back towards Piccolo, kicking Piccolo in the chest and sending him flying.

Pilaf looks down from the airship, and tells Mai and Shuu they should run away. The pterodactyl-looking dude tells them to not freak out and have a little more faith in Daimaou-sama. Piccolo is gonna get serious now, and he throws off his fancy dress thing, leaving just a shirt/pants outfit. Piccolo says he's gonna show him just how fierce he really is, but Gokuu's not worried. Piccolo then quickly charges at Gokuu, and he kicks Gokuu high up into the air. Piccolo follows Gokuu up there, and punches Gokuu straight down into the ground, or rather, through the ground.

Piccolo comes down and pulls Gokuu up outta the hole, and holds him up with one hand, then punchs him in the face with the other. Gokuu's really busted up, but he still manages to bite down on Piccolo's finger, so Piccolo tosses him to the ground. But Gokuu staggers back up, amazed at this dude's strength. Piccolo tells Gokuu there's nothing left for him but death, while he still has half of his power left.

Piccolo laughs, asking what he'll do now, and so Gokuu puts his hands together in Kamehameha formation. Piccolo freaks out, but once Gokuu starts calling out the attack, Piccolo is relieved it's not Mafuuba. Gokuu fires it off, and it's a direct hit. But... When the smoke clears, Piccolo is completely unharmed. Gokuu is worried, while Piccolo laughs and asks if he'd like to die slowly.








  1. Incomplete
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