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Chapter 144

孫悟空 完敗!!
Son Gokuu Kanpai!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #44
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 12
Kanzenban: 10


Gokuu can't believe his strength, as Yajirobe says he's glad he's hiding. Then, Piccolo closes his fists, with the palms facing himself, and starts charging up for something. He looks at Gokuu, then throws an arm out, with the hand open and palm facing Gokuu, and fires a blast directly at him. Gokuu just barely manages to jump over it, but then Piccolo fires another one up at the now mid-air Gokuu. Direct hit, and Gokuu hits the ground, looking even more dead this time...

Pilaf can't believe the brat's finally defeated, and Piccolo walks over to the fallen Gokuu and snatches the Onestarball from his neck. Piccolo flies back up to the airship (I guess he knows Bukuujutsu), and says now they'll go after the remaining Dragon Balls to restore his youth. Then the airship flies off, and Yajirobe comes out of hiding and looks over Gokuu's body. He hears something, and bends down to hear that Gokuu's heart is still beating!

Yajirobe shouts and smacks him, but Gokuu won't really wake up. So, he throws Gokuu over his shoulder and runs off towards a river, then dunks him in head first. Gokuu's awake now, pissed, but Yajirobe tells him it can't be helped, that Piccolo Daimaou is a monster. Gokuu asks him if he knows where Karin Tower is, and Yajirobe asks what "Karinto" is. Gokuu explains that it's a place, and asks Yajirobe to take him there, since he can barely move. Yajirobe says he will, so long as he gets him food like he promised.

The little plane has landed Canada-looking place (evergreen trees, mountains), and Kamesennin and Tenshinhan are sifting though the grass. Chaozu has found the Threestarball, bringing their total up to five balls. Kamesennin checks the Dragon Radar, and he says the last two are together. And they're moving this way. Tenshinhan says that it's Piccolo Daimaou, while Yajirobe and Gokuu speed off in air car towards Karin Tower.








  1. Incomplete
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