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Chapter 151


Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #51
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 13
Kanzenban: 11


Gokuu asks if you become strong from drinking that stuff, so Karin-sama explains that it's not that simple. "The Super God Water is not a trick like the Super Holy Water. It can withdraw all of the hidden power you hold within you. It's a magificent water... Though, supposing you've already trained to master all your power, you won't become stronger even by drinking the Super God Water..." Gokuu wonders if he has any hidden power left, and Yajirobe says he should try drinking the stuff.

"However, in truth, the stuff called the Super God Water is an incredible poison. If you don't have tremendous physical power, mind power, and life power, you'll suddenly die... Conquering that poison for the first time can draw out your hidden power that you hold." Yajirobe doesn't like the idea of poison, and asks if anybody's ever survived drinking the stuff. Karin-sama says up till now, fourteen people have drank the Super God Water, but not a one has survived it.

Yajirobe thinks this is ridiculous, the stuff is just ordinary poison if nobody's survived, but Gokuu says he'll drink it anyways. Yajirobe insists he's a dead man, but Gokuu says he'd get killed by that Piccolo dude anyways. Yajirobe still thinks he's stupid, but Gokuu insists he must avenge Kuririn and Kamesennin Grandpa. So, Karin-sama goes and gets the pot/kettle/whatever (I only drink from cans, bottles, and pitchers; I don't know these things!), and pours some out into a little cup.

Before Gokuu takes a sip, Yajirobe dips his finger in the cup to taste the stuff, and he gags and chokes on it, then spits it up. Gokuu's not bothered by Yajirobe's actions, though, and takes a deep breath before he downs the stuff. Then Gokuu screams and falls to the ground clutching his neck, and Yajirobe yells at him to spit it out. But Gokuu shouts back at him that he won't die.

Out in the field full of random rock formation things, it's also late at night, and Tenshinhan is attempting to perfect Mafuuba, but he keeps missing the Denshi Jar. He's determined to get it right, though, so that those two (Kamesennin and Chaozu) didn't die for nothing. And up atop Karin Tower, the sun is rising. Yajirobe says Gokuu's been down for six hours now, and Karin-sama's impressed with his life power. Then Karin-sama suddenly feels Gokuu's hidden power coming out (there's an image of Oozaru Gokuu), and then Gokuu wakes up! (Apparently, the Super God Water has brought out whatever power increase Gokuu gains in his Oozaru form.) Morning has come out in the field as well, and Tenshinhan gets the magic light stuff into the Denshi Jar! Back at Karin Tower...

YAJIROBE: You did it!!! You really didn't die, yer awesome!!!
KARIN-SAMA: Well done. Very well done, Gokuu!!
GOKUU: My power... My power is overflowing...!








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