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Chapter 152

孫悟空 ついに発進!!!!
Son Gokuu Tsui ni Hasshin!!!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #52
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 13
Kanzenban: 11


In the little plane, Tenshinhan flies through the air, and he contacts Kame House via radio. Yamcha answers, and Tenshinhan explains that they failed to gather the Dragon Balls. Piccolo Daimaou showed up and took them, then summoned Shenlong and got his youth back. Mutenroushi-sama and Chaozu tried to prevent it, and they both died. Everyone is shocked to hear that, especially Umigame. Tenshinhan continues that Piccolo's strength has gotten ridiculous, and the world's gonna become a living hell.

Tenshinhan says he's gonna search for Piccolo's airship, and tells them the two dead bodies are at point BFK-2235. Yamcha yells at Tenshinhan to hold up and come back here before trying anything, and Tenshinhan tells him he can use Mafuuba. Yamcha realizes he's planning to sacrifice himself, and Tenshinhan says not to get him wrong, he's not necessarily doing it to save the world and stuff, and he's sorry about the martial artists who've been killed. Blooma yells at him not to be rash, and go gather the Dragon Balls to return those who've been killed to life.

Then Oolong spots something on the TV. The King is on, and he says, regretfully, he is giving up his position, and the new king of the world will be Piccolo Daimaou. Then The King suddenly yells out for someone to come beat this villain, and Piccolo comes on the screen, holding The King by his neck and asking him if he wants to die. Then Piccolo explains to the viewing public that he's the new king, Piccolo Daimaou-sama, and Tenshinhan (who's watching on a TV in the little plane) realizes Piccolo is at King Castle, and flies off.

As the new king, Piccolo is gonna tell everyone the things he hates -- "justice" and "peace". The citizens of the world are free to do as they wish, the police will be abolished. War, violence, burglary, and murder are encouraged. Lovers of justice will be exterminated, and evil and terror will flourish! Yamcha's pissed, and Bad Lunch uncharacteristically thinks this ain't really a good thing.

Up at Karin Tower, Gokuu goes on about all this power flowing through him, and Karin-sama thinks to himself that even he hadn't realized what a guy Gokuu would become. But then Gokuu gets serious and looks out into the sky, saying he feels a bad ki, and it must be Piccolo Daimaou. Gokuu's gonna go get rid of him now, and Karin-sama wishes him luck. But then Karin-sama says he'll give Gokuu a good thing, and Gokuu wonders about this. "Heeey, Kintoun!!"

A huge cloud comes over to Karin Tower, and Gokuu asks about the one Kamesennin Grandpa gave him. Karin-sama says he was the one who gave that to him (meaning Kamesennin lied about getting it from Kami-sama), and so Gokuu hops over the railing onto the big cloud. Yajirobe's freaked out that he got on the cloud. Then Gokuu grabs a little piece and says this is all he wants, and hops on and flies back up to the railing. He asks Yajirobe if he wants to get on, but Yajirobe refuses. Gokuu thanks him anyways, then also thanks Karin-sama.

With that, Gokuu heads off. Yajirobe asks about that cloud, so Karin-sama explains about how Gokuu can ride Kintoun. Yajirobe then wants one, too, but Karin-sama says he definitely can't ride it, then wonders if Gokuu really can win. And Piccolo tells the world that that wasn't just his political policy -- he also enjoys the terror of death!








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