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Chapter 175


Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #25
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 15
Kanzenban: 12


Yamcha kicks at Shen, but Shen blocks it then punches Yamcha in the face. Blooma and Puer cheer him on, as Kamesennin thinks Yamcha's opponent is just too strong. Yamcha flies at Shen with another kick, but Shen dodges it, then appears behind Yamcha and kicks him in the back. Shen lectures him about his useless jumping making it harder to avoid an opponent's attacks, and Gokuu wonders if this dude is...

Shen tells Yamcha he'd have to do a lot of training to get to his level, then whispers that he's not human. Yamcha asks if he's supposed to be an alien, and Shen says this isn't his true form, he's just borrowing a person's body. Gokuu wonders about this change of form, and Kuririn can't believe Gokuu can hear them while they're talking so quietly.

Yamcha decides he'll get really serious now, and he's gonna try out this new technique of his. Yamcha holds his right hand out, with his fingers curved and the palm facing up, and then, a big ball of ki pops out. Yamcha launches his Soukidan at Shen, but it misses. However, Yamcha can remote control this little ball with his hands, and he brings it back towards Shen, but Shen dodges and it crashes through the ring.

Then Yamcha brings it back up, and it hits Shen in the face, knocking his glasses off. Shen is knocked back, but then he unexpectedly rushes forward and strikes Yamcha in the chest. Yamcha stumbles backwards, until he finally falls outta the ring. Upon hearing Shen announced the winner, Gokuu thinks, "Shen-senshu... Shen... Shenlong... Shen*!!! I see!! I'd thought that man was Kami-sama!!!" Shen and Yamcha then head backstage, no hard feelings, and Shen winks at Gokuu.

*Shen is the Chinese reading for kami. It's the same kanji as the shen in Shenlong. Shenlong would be Shinryuu in Japanese.








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