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Chapter 308

Bejiita Shisu!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #6
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 26
Kanzenban: 21


Gokuu says that Vegeta already could barely move, so there was no need to finish him. Freeza just says that Vegeta's always fussing over this stupid Super Saiyan business, and he hates verbose people. "K-Cacarrot... You're still saying such damned naive things... You're not a Super Saiyan... You stupid ass...! Become heartless...! If you get rid of your naivete...you should definitely have become...a Super Saiyan...!" Gokuu says he can't be heartless like Vegeta, and he doesn't know anything about this Super Saiyan stuff. Vegeta tries to explain, but Gokuu says not to talk anymore, or he'll just die sooner. "L-listen up, Cacarrot... The planet you and I were born on... When Planet Vegeta was destroyed... It wasn't because of collision with a giant meteor... Freeza attacked it...! Even though we had worked under him and obeyed his every command... He's killed everyone except us... Your parents, my father, the king... Because he was afraid that a Super Saiyan might be born... I'm begging you, defeat Freeza... With a Saiyan's hand..." Then Vegeta finally dies, and Freeza wants to get the show started.

Gokuu thinks it's pretty bad if Vegeta cried and begged of him, and blasts a hole in the ground to bury Vegeta in. "I understand... You regretted that your fellow Saiyans were killed, didn't ya...? It seemed you were being nice to him, but you were regretting it and couldn't help it I guess...? I really didn't like you, but you had pride for the Saiyans... I could have that pride flowing through me a bit, too... I'm a Saiyan who grew up on Earth...! On behalf of the Saiyans you guys killed, and on behalf of the Nameckians here, I will defeat you!!!" Freeza thinks he's talking stupid, as Piccolo tells Kuririn and Gohan they all need to move. As Gohan flies away, he tells Father to not die and to defeat Freeza.

Gokuu rushes at Freeza, and Freeza blocks his punch. Freeza punches at Gokuu, Gokuu dodges it, then punches at Freeza, but Freeza ducks it. Freeza kicks at Gokuu, and Gokuu flies backwards up into the air, then Freeza shoots some eye lasers at him. But Gokuu disappears and reappears behind Freeza, and chops at him, but then Freeza disappears. Gokuu turns around as Freeza flies up outta the water and fires a blast at Gokuu, and Gokuu stands to catch it, and gets pushed backwards through a random mountain thing before he finally stops and throws the blast up into the air.

GOKUU: Owowowowowow...!! Oh, that hurts!
FREEZA: ........








  1. Incomplete
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