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Chapter 321

Furiiza Kesshi no Furu Pawaa

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #19
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 27
Kanzenban: 22


Freeza thinks he'll kick him with his full power, in about one minute...no, thirty seconds. Then Freeza starts bulking up, and Gokuu says his ki is approaching fullness, finally his 100% power will surface. Meanwhile, Kaiou-sama screams that now's Gokuu's chance to attack Freeza while he's powering up, and then wonders if Gokuu hears him. Gokuu says he hears, but he doesn't think he'll ever get another chance like this -- the chance to see the strongest bastard in all the universe at full power. Kaiou-sama can't believe Gokuu is talking like this, and says this isn't a game. "I'll get revenge for Kuririn!!! He's died twice!!! He can't be returned to life with the Dragon Balls anymore!!! Kuririn was a good guy... A really good guy... My best comrade... Blown to pieces..." Kaiou-sama says that's why he shouldn't wait for Freeza to reach his full power, and besides, what about Gohan and everyone. Gokuu says they're taken care of.

85%...90%... Gokuu says how he'd wanted to beat Freeza while he's at his best, and figures Freeza also wanted to see it himself. And one more shot to the planet would end everything. Freeza just laughs softly. Kaiou-sama says, "That is no longer Son Gokuu... It's the warrior of anger...a Super Saiyan..." Elsewhere, Gohan is flying through the air, wondering what's happening, and why Freeza's ki is getting bigger. He approaches Blooma's location, and arrives just in time to save her from the path of a huge boulder about to fall down on her. As they fly off, Blooma berates him for leaving her there all this time, and asks about the earthquakes and the whereabouts of Son-kun. But Gohan says he'll explain later, they have to hurry now, and Blooma asks where they need to hurry. And Freeza is finished, apologizing for the delay, and Gokuu realizes he needs to hurry.

"Kaiou-sama, Kaiou-sama! This is Kami of Earth..." Kaiou-sama says he hears, and asks what now. "Ah, right! I have received word from Mister Popo that he has just now found all of the Dragon Balls. So we'll return to life Tenshinhan and Yamcha who are at your place right away... But I'm sorry to say there's nothing more we can do for Chaozu..." Kaiou-sama remembers that someone can't die twice and come back. Tenshinhan tells Chaozu not to worry, he'll stay here too, so they'll always be together. But then Kaiou-sama yells at Kami to wait, and asks if those Dragon Balls can revive two people at once. "Eh? Y-yes, if it's the same circumstances... Like this time for example, please return to life those killed by Vegeta and Nappa... If you ask like that, you can do any amount of people..."

Kaiou-sama notes that you can only make one wish at a time with those Dragon Balls, though. But then he asks if you could have a wish granted on a planet far away from Earth. "Y-yeah, maybe... Why do you ask a thing like that? Is it that you intend to return to life all the aliens that Vegeta and Nappa have killed in the past? Of course that should be possible, but as for its effectiveness, it's limited to those who've died within one year." Then Kaiou-sama asks about people who've died due to their life span. "Unfortunately, that is impossible, natural deaths are..." Kaiou-sama asks what if their life span was shortened a bit from meeting a bad person. Kami-sama says this would be the first case. Now Kaiou-sama says there's a different wish: Return to life those killed by Freeza and his gang. He says there's no time to explain, but it would possibly return Eldest to life. And only two of the three wishes had been used, so if Eldest is returned to life, there should be one wish left still, and they'll use it to teleport everyone on Planet Nameck, except Freeza, to Earth.

Yamcha, Chaozu, and Tenshinhan all say it's okay to forfeit their revival. Then Kaiou-sama tells Kami-sama to hurry up, Planet Nameck is fading away, so Kami-sama says he'll get on it right away. Elsewhere, Freeza punches Gokuu in the gut, then grabs him by the head and kicks him in the face. Then he hits Gokuu a few more times, and says this has just been a warm up for his ultimate attack. But then Gokuu looks up and says he's disappointed. Freeza gets pissed, but then smirks and compliments the magnificent strength of a Super Saiyan. And Mister Popo has summoned Shenlong.








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