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Chapter 346

Torankusu Saitoujou

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #46
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 29
Kanzenban: 24


Gohan. Tenshinhan. Piccolo. Kuririn. Twenty wonders which one's energy to take, and figures that Piccolo should be the strongest after Vegeta. Piccolo is mid-air, looking around, and Twenty then grabs him from behind, and puts a hand over Piccolo's mouth. Twenty says now he can't call his friends, and he knows where they are, they won't find him. However, Piccolo telepathically calls to Gohan. Gohan frantically searches for Piccolo's location, and then feels a faint ki and flies off for it. Twenty tells Piccolo he only has a bit of energy left, and says he'll die at this rate. But then Gohan wacks Twenty off of Piccolo, and the others feel this. Twenty can't believe Gohan found him, then notices Vegeta, Kuririn, and Tenshinhan are here now too. Gohan tells Kuririn-san to toss Piccolo-san a Senzu, and Kuririn does so. Piccolo eats it, lands, and tosses off his turban and mantle.

Piccolo tells Vegeta to leave Twenty to him, and don't help at all. Vegeta says just don't give him anymore energy. Twenty thinks if he absorbs his energy once more, then Vegeta... His train of thought is interrupted by a knee to the face from Piccolo. Twenty gets pissed and flies at him again, but Piccolo just elbows him down into the rocks. Twenty can't believe this, Piccolo shouldn't be able to beat him, especially after having increased energy. Elsewhere... Trunks is back, floating over the city the Jinzouningen had appeared in. Noticing some of the destruction, he thinks he's too late, Gokuu-san and everyone are gone. But the time machine only has enough energy to return home. But then he feels a ki. Fighting ki. They're just fighting in another location. So he flies off towards them. Piccolo kicks Twenty in the face, and Kuririn is really impressed with his training.

Blooma is flying an air car, with Yajirobe (holding baby Trunks) in the passenger's seat. She says she's going to the place with the big explosion. Yajirobe says there's no need, and they should go home. Gokuu and everyone can handle it, and the brat's here, after all. Trunks flies past their car, and Blooma recognizes him as the kid from the future. He's probably going to the fight, so she wants to follow him. Then Trunks lands in a spot. Piccolo chops off one of Twenty's hands, and then gives him a little speech. Gohan thinks Piccolo has won. And the spot Trunks is at was the spot from the previous battle, and he spots Nineteen's head. "What... This Jinzouningen... What in the world has everyone been fighting...!?"








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