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Chapter 347

Torankusu no Giwaku

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #47
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 29
Kanzenban: 24


Trunks wonders what's going on, and then flies off again towards the fight, thinking how this Jinzouningen is different from the ones he knows, wondering if there isn't three of them. Twenty climbs up from the rubble, and can't believe Piccolo is this strong. Piccolo says how they were supposed to be killed by the two Jinzouningen, but now the future has changed, and they've all become strong, too strong. Kuririn gets excited that they'll beat them without Gokuu, and Gohan agrees. Tenshinhan doesn't like the idea of Piccolo and Vegeta being so strong, but for now it's a relief. Vegeta yells at Piccolo to hurry up and finish him off, or does he want him (Vegeta) to do it. Piccolo declines, saying, "Originally, I was the incarnation of evil separated from Kami. I'm not naive like Gokuu." Then everyone stops when they feel someone coming, and when he gets close enough, Piccolo says, "Trunks!"

Vegeta thinks, "Trunks!? Trunks, he said...!? The same name... He has the same name as my brat...!! From the future... I get it...!!" And Trunks looks at Twenty, and thinks that he's different too. Twenty sees Trunks, and says he has no data on this new dude. Twenty realizes he's made a tremendous miscalculation, and he must return to the laboratory. Trunks asks them who this is, have they been fighting him? Vegeta says it's the Jinzouningen he told them about. Trunks wonders what this is, and Piccolo asks if this one's different...? Meanwhile, Blooma continues flying towards them in the air car, and Yajirobe insists they go back. Blooma just wants to see that everyone's alive, and Yajirobe says if she goes any further, he'll drop this brat out the window. Blooma says go ahead, but informs him that his father is Vegeta. Yajirobe is surprised to hear this brat, err, little darling, is her and Vegeta's son. And they continue going.

Vegeta wants to know who that is if it's not the Jinzouningen, but Kuririn thinks maybe if history's changed a bit, then so have the Jinzouningen. Twenty thinks he'll be caught if he escapes by air, so he'll just have to stealthily go by ground. Then everyone notices Blooma's air car pulling in, and Yajirobe yells that there's still a Jinzouningen there. Blooma gets a good look at Twenty, and gets a strange expression, as Trunks yells it's dangerous, get out of here. Twenty thinks this is his chance. "The truth is, you scum have absolutely no chance of winning!!! Seventeen and Eighteen will now come to kill you!!!" Everyone is stunned to hear about a Seventeen and Eighteen, and Twenty then creates a huge explosion. Blooma's air car is caught in the blast, but when the smoke clears, everyone is okay, and Trunks has saved Blooma and the baby Trunks. Vegeta is pissed Twenty is gone, as Blooma thanks Trunks for saving them.

Vegeta isn't going to let him get away, but Trunks flies up in front of Vegeta, and asks him why he didn't help his wife and child. Vegeta just says that's pointless, and he has no interest in that. Blooma asks if that weird geezer was supposed to be a Jinzouningen, then says he looked like Doctor Gero. She's seen a picture of him in a scientist book before, and wonders if he didn't make himself into a Jinzouningen, as Yajirobe climbs out of some rubble.








  1. Incomplete
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