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Chapter 348

Kenkyuujo e...!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #48
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 29
Kanzenban: 24


Kuririn, who'd been on the ground with Blooma and Gohan, yells up at the others that that was Doctor Gero. Vegeta, Trunks, Tenshinhan, and Piccolo all land over near Blooma, and she explains that he was really famous. He seems evil, but he is a genius. She figures he must've made himself into a Jinzouningen so he could live forever. Vegeta looks at Trunks and tells him everything he said was crap, Doctor Gero was supposed to've been killed by the Jinzouningen. Trunks figures maybe his coming to the past before has set history off course. Piccolo wonders if Seventeen and Eighteen aren't the two he originally warned them about, and asks for a description to avoid anymore mistakes. "Seventeen is a boy with long black hair and a scarf around his neck... Eighteen is a cute girl-type who dresses kind of like me... They both have could eyes and round earrings."

Piccolo asks about them absorbing energy through their hands, but Trunks says they don't, their energy is infinite. Trunks asks about Son Gokuu-san, and Kuririn says the heart disease showed up just now. Vegeta asks Blooma if she knows where Doctor Gero's laboratory is, and she recalls hearing that he made a lab out of a cave in the mountains near North City. Piccolo thinks they should get to the laboratory and destroy it before Doctor Gero can awaken Seventeen and Eighteen, but Vegeta won't stand for something so cowardly. Vegeta wants to take them out himself, since the previous Jinzouningen battles were boring. Trunks yells that he can't, they have to destroy the laboratory like Piccolo-san said. Or if they don't make it in time, they have to wait until Son Gokuu-san heals before they can fight. Vegeta is not going to wait for Cacarrot, however, and says he'll take them out himself, since he's a Super Saiyan, and a prince much stronger than Cacarrot. And he'll allow no interference. Then Vegeta flies off.

Piccolo thinks that if he really is a Super Saiyan stronger than Gokuu, then maybe he could take out the Jinzouningen after all. Trunks says he's a Super Saiyan also, but still no match for them. He then says he won't let Father die again, and flies off after Vegeta. Blooma wonders what he meant by that, maybe his father was killed by the Jinzouningen. Piccolo figures there's no point keeping it from her anymore -- "His name is Trunks. His father is Vegeta, his mother is you. In other words, he's the grown up version of that baby." Blooma thinks they do look alike, and Kuririn realizes that's how come he's a Super Saiyan. Piccolo says they should all search for the laboratory, and Tenshinhan, Kuririn, and Gohan agree to it. Blooma tells baby Trunks what a good man he'll become, and she was worried since he looked bad.

Gohan asks Blooma if she can tell Father the situation, but Blooma asks how, her plane is broken. Piccolo says to take her, the rest of them can destroy the laboratory without him. Piccolo, Tenshinhan, and Kuririn then fly off. Gohan grabs onto Blooma, who's holding onto the baby, and then Yajirobe gets up to them and says not to forget him. Meanwhile, Twenty dashes across the ground, but then stops and hides when he notices Vegeta flying by, followed by Trunks. He realizes they're headed towards his laboratory, and can't believe they'd know where it is. Only certain scientists should know... Then he recognizes that girl as Blooma, the daughter of Capsule Corporation. Tenshinhan, Kuririn, and Piccolo then fly by, and he realizes they really must be heading for his laboratory, and figures they intend to destroy it before Seventeen and Eighteen awaken, but resolves to get there first.

Vegeta notices Trunks following him, and Trunks remembers something his mother said to him. "Your dead father? Hmmm... He certainly did lots of bad things... He's undoubtedly in hell right now... But, he had some good in him. His pride was high, and he never showed kindness to anyone, but I know..." Trunks thinks that was a lie, there's nothing good about him at all, not even helping Mom and baby him. Vegeta thinks it's interesting that the kid's going to keep following him, and speeds up. Trunks then turns Super Saiyan to catch up. Vegeta smirks and remembers that he can become a Super Saiyan also, and it's because he's his brat that he has Saiyan blood. And Gohan tries to fly through the air holding Blooma, with Yajirobe on his back now.








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