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Chapter 440

Shin no Igai na Shoutai

Weekly Jump Issue: 1993 #43
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 37
Kanzenban: 30


Shin is still glaring at Spopovitch as he continues backstage. Videl has a bad feeling about this guy, as Erasa cheers her on from the crowd, and Sharpner has no doubt she'll beat this guy easily. Killa and Jewell note how much Spopovitch has changed since last time (he used to have hair!). The match is called to begin, and the crowd continues chanting "VIDEL". Backstage, Piccolo asks Shin if he might be Daikaiou-sama. Nope. Kibito corrects him that Shin is Kaioushin-sama. Kaioushin-sama asks him to please keep this quiet. Piccolo is shocked to hear this, remembering that above the four Kaiou is Daikaiou. He's heard that even further above that is the god of the Kaious, Kaioushin. Gokuu asks Piccolo if that guy said something stuck up, if so he'll go say something to him, but Piccolo freaks out and says don't say anything. Kaiou-sama, meanwhile, wonders why Kaioushin-sama, whom even he has never met, would be on Earth.

Videl kicks Spopovitch and knocks him down, but he gets back up and comes at her. She blocks his strikes, and Gokuu and Kuririn thinks she's doing really well. Videl hits him in the face, and then knocks him across the ring. But he still gets up again, and Gokuu notices something. Spopovitch runs back towards her, but Videl kicks him in the face, elbows him down, pummels him in the gut, and finally knees him in the face. He goes down, and Videl tries to catch her breath. But Spopovitch gets right back up, bleeding and grinning. Gokuu says she should give up, something is weird about him, as Spopovitch smacks Videl across the ring.








  1. Incomplete
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