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Chapter 441

ビーデル ボロボロ
Biideru Boroboro

Weekly Jump Issue: 1993 #44
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 37
Kanzenban: 30


Videl hits the ground, but hops back up, only to get kicked out of the ring. However, she catches herself with Bukuujutsu, and flies back into the ring. Gohan is proud of her, but Gokuu says it would've been better if she'd fallen out. There is something very weird about this Spopovitch guy, with all the damage he should have taken, and Gokuu can't really feel any life force. Gohan wonders what this means, but Gokuu doesn't know yet. Videl flies at Spopovitch and kicks him in the face, twisting his head completely around. Normally this would mean a broken neck, and death, but Spopovitch twists his head back to normal...

Videl is shocked, and Spopovitch takes the opportunity to punch her in the face. She's bleeding badly now, and he rushes towards her again, so she flies into the air. Gohan thinks that's good, she can recover her strength up there. But Spopovitch flies up too, shocking everyone. He flies up further than Videl, and readies his hand to fire a ki blast down at her. She nearly crashes into the ring, but catches herself at the last minute. Kuririn can't believe he can use ki blasts, but Vegeta says he purposely used a weak one so as not to kill her and lose the match. Gokuu says he seems to be holding power that far surpasses his own abilities, and it makes no sense. Videl takes a shot to the face and hits the ring, but she gets up, refusing to give in. The crowd thinks this is cruel, and Gohan wants her to give it up.








  1. Incomplete
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