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Chapter 442

悟飯 怒る!!
Gohan Ikaru!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1993 #45
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 37
Kanzenban: 30


Spopovitch holds Videl up by the head, and then pounds her in the stomach. Then he knocks her across the ring, and she hangs over the edge. Gohan yells at her to give up, and even Announcer insists she should, but Videl refuses. Gohan keeps protesting, saying he doesn't care that she's just a girl. Videl gets back to her feet, and then kicks Spopovitch in the face, with little effect. Spopovitch then grabs Videl by the hair and knees her in the face. Her mouth is bleeding badly, and some teeth are even knocked out. Then he throws her to the ground, and Sharpner and Erasa get upset, while Gohan is starting to get pissed.

Spopovitch then starts stepping on Videl's head, and that's when Gohan loses it. He turns Super Saiyan, making his bandana fly off, and he rips off his cape as well. But just before he runs out there, Yamu yells at Spopovitch to stop fooling around. Yamu walks closer to the ring, and says this was not what they were supposed to do, so hurry up and win. Spopovitch then drags Videl to the edge of the ring and tosses her to the ground for a ringout. Gohan turns back normal, and then runs out and picks Videl up in his arms, telling Announcer he'll take her to get help, and telling Spopovitch he won't get away with this. Gokuu asks Kuririn if anyone has Senzu, but Kuririn says no, this was supposed to be for fun. So, Gokuu teleports away to Karin-sama's.

Kuririn tells Gohan not to worry, Gokuu went to get Senzu. Satan learns of Videl's great injury and loss, and freaks out and runs out of his little skybox, to her room where she's healing up. Gohan assures him that her life isn't in danger, and Satan gets pissed and thinks he did this. The doctor says he was the one who brought her in, and so Satan offers to give Gohan his autograph later. Gohan tells Videl he'll get that guy in the next round, and then leaves. Satan says that weakling can't do anything, Papa will get revenge for her. Videl smiles softly, and Satan realizes what this means. He won't let her get involved with such a weakling, she can only have a boyfriend who is stronger than Papa. Meanwhile, Gokuu thanks Karin-sama for the Senzu. Karin-sama says he's getting bad premonitions, and Gokuu says he is as well. (Yajirobe has a mustache now!)








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