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Chapter 467

Saraba Hokori Takaki Senshi

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #20
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 39
Kanzenban: 31


Vegeta tells the boys to take refuge somewhere, he's going to fight Majin Buu alone. Trunks insists it would be better to fight together, but Vegeta says Buu can't be fought using normal methods. Trunks and Goten say they're both really strong. Vegeta tells Trunks that he's never hugged him since he was a baby, and wants to now. Trunks is reluctant, but Vegeta hugs him anyway. Vegeta smiles, and tells Trunks to be well. Then he pops Trunks on the back of the neck, knocking him out. Goten freaks out, and Vegeta then punches him in the gut, to knock him out as well. Piccolo goes over to them, as Buu gets up and starts humming, wondering who hit him.

Vegeta asks Piccolo to take the boys somewhere far away. Piccolo picks them up, and then realizes that Vegeta plans to die. Vegeta says nothing, and then asks Piccolo to tell him one thing: will he be able to see Cacarrot once he's dead? Piccolo says no. "You've killed too many innocent people... If you die, your physical body will be gone. Your soul will also be sent to a different world than Gokuu. There, your soul will be cleaned, and your memories will be gone. You'll be turned into a new life form." Vegeta thinks that's too bad, and tells Piccolo to hurry and go. Piccolo flies off with the boys, and Buu prepares to stop him. Vegeta halts Buu and says he's going to defeat him, calling him a balloon bastard.

Piccolo flies past Kuririn, and tells him to come along. Vegeta says he finally knows how to defeat Buu. Buu is surprised, as Vegeta begins powering up. Kuririn asks Piccolo what Vegeta is up to, so Piccolo explains that Vegeta has resolved to fight for someone other than himself for the first time, throwing away his life in the process. Vegeta continues charging up, and he says he's going to blow Buu up into so many pieces that he won't be able to fix himself again. He smiles and thinks, "Farewell... Blooma...Trunks...and...Cacarrot..." Vegeta then self-destructs, creating an explosion that looks bigger than the one Buu made earlier. Piccolo and Kuririn are noticing it from a decent distance.








  1. Incomplete
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