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Chapter 504

Tenkamuteki no Gattai Otousan

Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #9
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 42
Kanzenban: 34


"Vegeta and Cacarrot fused... You could call it 'Veget'. But beyond that... This is Super Veget!!" Veget's outfit and hair are a mix of Gokuu's and Vegeta's, and their faces were always fairly similar. Super Veget is Super Saiyan 2. Buu launches that ki attack, which is a huge ball, but Veget easily hits it back Buu's way. Buu ducks it at the last second by retracting his head into his neck (how very Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...). Buu thinks that was nothing big, and flies at Veget, but Veget kicks Buu hard in the face, busting his nose. Veget mocks this and says Buu probably wishes he still had no nose (he got when he absorbed Piccolo and Gotenks). Buu says he's going to die a painful death, but Veget just punches Buu in the face.

Buu kicks at Veget, but Veget catches his leg, and then slams Buu down into the ground by said leg. Kaioushin-sama says Buu is helpless, and the Potara are amazing. Old Kaioushin-sama corrects him that it's because those two experts are fused, and even moreso because they're rivals. Back on Earth, Veget shoots a big sword of ki towards the ground, and uses it to impale Buu and bring him back into the air. Veget wants him to get more serious. Buu says nothing, so Veget wonder if Buu really had been serious, and apologizes if so. Buu oozes himself off the sword, and then steams up with anger. There is so much steam that it clouds everything around them. There's some fighting noises, and when the smoke clears, Buu is all busted up, and Veget has most of Buu's forelock in his hand. Veget tosses the forelock into the air, and then blasts it so that it disintegrates. He'll do this to Buu's whole body, cleanly erase him. Old Kaioushin-sama is angry that he's playing around, while Buu is just pissed.








  1. Incomplete
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