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Chapter 505

Chouhatsu Suru Bejitto

Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #10
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 42
Kanzenban: 34


Buu can't believe this, but Veget can't believe it himself either. Suddenly, Buu makes a weird face, and begins spitting out ghosts. They turn into little ghost Buus, and he announces Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack. Veget recognizes that as the absorbed Gotenks's technique. Buu sends the ghosts towards Veget, but Veget disappears and reappears, and throws small blasts at the ghosts from the side. They all explode, and Veget notes how that technique was thought up by a kid. Buu screams in frustration, as Old Kaioushin-sama wishes Veget would finish the job and stop fooling around. Veget wants Buu to get serious, so Buu angrily flies at him, saying it was unfair to fuse. Veget says Buu's fused with lots of people, as he holds off Buu's strikes with only his feet.

Dende is flying along, holding Satan, and Dende can hear the sounds of the battle from this distance. Back at the battle, Veget kicks Buu in the face, and they break. Veget explains that Buu can't win at all, and so Buu smirks and asks if he likes coffee candy. Buu suddenly zaps Veget, and he becomes a candy ball. Buu holds the candy in his hand and laughs in glee. The Kaioushins can't believe this. Buu holds the candy ball in a fist, but suddenly punches himself in the face. He drops the candy from his fist, and it floats there talking to him. Veget says his strength hasn't changed, and he's the strongest candy ball in the universe. On top of that, he's smaller, and harder to hit. The Veget candy ball flies at Buu a bunch of times, and Buu swats at him, but misses.

Finally, Veget flies through Buu's mouth, out the back of his head, and cutting off a chunk of his forelock. Buu gives up and returns Veget to normal. The Kaioushins really hope Veget ends this soon. Veget says he will end this soon, and he'll give Buu until the count of ten. 1... 2... 3... 4... Veget hopes Buu will hurry up and realize something. 5... Buu thinks he has to absorb him, but how... He remembers his piece of forelock that was cut off by the candy, and suddenly turns it into a blob. 7... 8... Veget is glad he's realized it, thinking how he cut that piece off on purpose. 9... Veget hopes this will work. 10!! The blob starts to envelop Veget, but Veget quickly puts up a barrier. Buu brings the blob back to himself, and starts to get happy.








  1. Incomplete
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