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Chapter 506

Buu no Naka no Gokuu to Bejiita

Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #11
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 42
Kanzenban: 34


The Kaioushins can't believe this, as Buu begins to laugh and curse at Veget and give the finger. Kaioushin-sama thinks it's all over, while Old Kaioushin-sama notes that it's odd that Majin Buu hasn't powered up and changed form like usual. He thinks Veget may have been planning something great. Buu stops his laughing as he begins to wonder why he hasn't changed. But in any case, he's now the strongest majin, and there is no one left get in his way. Buu rips off his shirt (for the sake of all Dragon Ball fangirls), and laughs, and as he laughs, we travel down his throat... Veget is somewhere inside of Buu, very annoyed at Buu's obnoxious laughter. But he's glad the barrier worked, and he wasn't absorbed. Now he's going to take down the barrier and look for Gohan and the others.

The Kaioushins notice what Veget has done, and think it's great. Veget drops his barrier, and he suddenly splits back into Gokuu and Vegeta. Gokuu wonders how this is possible, since it was supposed to be a permanent fusion, but Vegeta is just glad to be separate again. He won't fuse with Cacarrot a second time, and takes off his Potara. Gokuu scolds him, since they can probably fuse again once they exit Buu. Gokuu thinks it must be the bad atmosphere within Buu that's doing this. Vegeta smirks and crushes his Potara. Gokuu says that not only can they not fuse again, but Vegeta is dead and he'll have to return to That World. Vegeta would prefer that to fusing with him.

Vegeta doubts they need to fuse again anyway, but Gokuu says they don't know that. Vegeta says in that case, they'd better hope they find Gohan and the others. Vegeta walks off, saying to hurry before Buu blows up the Earth. Gokuu crushes his own Potara and follows. Vegeta then calls Gokuu over, as he's found Piccolo. He's trapped inside little pods connected to the lining of Buu's innards. Gokuu then notices Gohan, Trunks, and Goten. Buu thinks he'll celebrate by destroying the Earth. Vegeta notes that the chibis have lost their fusion, too, but Gokuu says it was just the thirty minute time limit of Fusion. Besides, Buu obviously had the characteristics of Gotenks. Gokuu then realizes that to mean they could do Fusion in here. Vegeta says they need to just hurry.

Gokuu and Vegeta cut everyone's pods free, until Buu reverts all the way back to his pre-absorption form. Gokuu notes that Buu's power has dropped, and the size of his ki is much different. Vegeta thinks they should bust their way out now, but Gokuu insists they still can't contest Buu's strength. They'll be killed for sure if they go outside. Vegeta asks what they do then. Gokuu wishes he hadn't destroyed the Potara, but there's still one more method. Vegeta had seen Fusion in That World, and refuses to do those ridiculous poses. Plus, he said he would never fuse with Cacarrot again. Suddenly though, they notice another pod. Inside of it is the very first Buu. Gokuu wants to try cutting him free, as another Buu begins to appear behind them.








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