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Chapter 507

Buu no Naka no Buu to Buu

Weekly Jump Issue: 1995 #12
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 42
Kanzenban: 34


Vegeta had also seen this in That World, and explains to Gokuu how this fat Buu had been turned into chocolate and eaten. Gokuu wonders if the other people who were turned into chocolate and eaten are in here somewhere. "They're not. He alone received special service." The Buu they're inside has formed within himself, and Vegeta wonders how. Buu doesn't know why they weren't absorbed, but he's pissed they've disconnected the other absorbed people. Vegeta thinks is bad. Gokuu says that's why they should've kept the Potara and fused again outside for an easy victory. Buu is pleased to hear they can't fuse again, and Vegeta calls Gokuu stupid. Buu prepares to fight, and so the two of them turn Super Saiyan.

Gokuu threatens to blow a huge hole in Buu's body, but Buu is unconcerned, so Gokuu fires. Meanwhile, Dende approaches with Satan and the puppy, and says he feels Majin Buu's ki. Satan wonders what he means about Majin Buu's ki ("tree"). They duck behind some bushes, and watch as Buu is standing motionless on top of a cliff, and wonder why his form has changed back. Inside, Gokuu's blast was ineffective. Buu explains that he felt a little something in his head, and they're all the size of fleas. Gokuu says they'll have to find an expect to defeat him, but Buu says that's impossible.

Vegeta has another idea. He asks what would happen if he cut this other Buu's pod free. Whether Buu becomes the fat one or the thin one, his power will certainly drop. Buu begs him to stop, and says, "I won't be me!!" Gokuu wonders about that, while Vegeta is quite intrigued. Buu flies at Vegeta, but Vegeta cuts the pod free first. The inner Buu collapses, and oozes away, as the outer Buu screams and groans. Vegeta says they need to get everyone and get out of here, so he and Gokuu carry two pods each (the Buu pod is left behind), and fly through until they come to an exit, which closes, but then opens again. One of the steam holes in Buu's head. Outside, they all return to normal size, and the pods vanish (though the people who were in them are still unconscious). Buu still hasn't noticed their escape, as Dende is impressed they rescued the absorbed people. Buu begins bulking up, and Gokuu points out that his ki is increasing.








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